Roland Martin Talks To Ben Crump About The Mysterious Disappearance Of Two Men


Tyler Perry recently announced a $200,000 reward for information that leads to solving the case of two men that have been missing for over a decade.

Roland Martin talks to Attorney Benjamin Crump about the stories of Felipe Santos and Terrance Williams. Both men went missing in Florida after being pulled over by former Collier County deputy Steven Calkins. Calkins had both men in his custody “before they vanished off the face of the earth,” said Crump.

Santos, a 23-year-old undocumented immigrant, went missing in October 2003.  Williams, a 27-year-old father of 4, vanished in January 2004.

Calkins’ story about what happened to the men has changed several times. He initially claimed that he never made contact with Williams, but as he called in the “abandoned” car, a voice can be heard in the background saying that the car was not abandoned.

He later changed his story and said that he dropped both Santos and Williams off at a local Circle K, but servailince video doesn’t corroborate his story.

Attorney Crump and Williams’ mother want to force Calkins to sit for a deposition under oath to explain what happened after he picked up Williams. They believe that evidence uncovered in the lawsuit could lead to Calkins being charged criminally.

Calkins was fired from his job after he stopped cooperating with the investigation, he even refused to testify in a federal courtroom. He was never charged with perjury or a crime.




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