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Aretha Franklin’s funeral isn’t until Friday, August 31, but already, precious pieces of her reportedly $80 million dollar estate, which Franklin left without a will, are in demand.

According to CBSPETA sent a letter to Franklin’s niece, Sabrina Garrett Owens, asking the estate to donate the Queen’s collection of furs to PETA’s fur donation program, which recycles them for use by people in need of warmth in refugee camps and homeless shelters, and turns them into bedding for orphaned wildlife.

The letter read as follows:

Dear Sabrina,

We’re so sorry for the loss of your aunt. The world has lost an amazing talent, and we’re grateful that her music will live on.

Aretha will always be remembered for all that she did to help empower African-American people, especially women, in her lifetime. Might we now call on her estate to help end the cruel era of wearing animal fur by donating her fur coats to PETA, where they’ll go on to offer warmth and comfort to those who need it the most? In the past, we’ve given donated fur coats—some coming from other wonderful women including Anjelica Huston, Mariah Carey, and Mary Tyler Moore—to homeless shelters in the U.S. (including in Detroit) and to displaced refugees in Afghanistan, Mongolia, and Syria.

Designers, brands, and stores are dropping fur as quickly as consumers are ditching it. As faux fur and other cruelty-free, vegan materials take over, real animal fur can be put to good use, and this generous donation would secure Aretha forever as an “Angel” for animals.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please let us know if there’s anything that we can do to help you and your family through this difficult time.

Best regards,

Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman, PETA

Some on social media are not happy with PETA saying that they didn’t give the family space to grieve.



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29 thoughts on “PETA Asks Aretha Franklin’s Estate To Donate Her Furs

  1. SheCat54 on said:

    Keep her furs that was her thing and the family should be able to enjoy wearing them just like the Queen without shame. Peta is a group of loud peckerwoods that don’t know anything about RESPECT. What’s the big deal about not having a will? it was the Queens choice and her family knows what to do.

  2. Cynthia Feaster on said:

    What the hell!?!?!? PETA needs to f*ck off and quick!!! Aretha Franklin’s coats will go to whom ever and where ever HER FAMILY determines they will go not to some fake white charity for white people or others who could give less than a damn about the Queen of Soul and her family. Of all the nerve!!!! White people are so racist and so freakin tone deaf with their racism. The Queen has not even been funeralized yet here come some PETA group of fake white liberals, trying to tell an African American family what to do with their loved one’s PROPERTY. This is an insult and a disgrace. I hope Ms Garrett Owens threw that letter in the trash. I wish she would clap back the way her auntie Aretha would have done, were she were alive to hear this ridiculous request. But the family is in grief now and SOME of us are respecting that.

  3. Damned! Didn’t Peta just bully the Animal Cookie people into changing the look of the boxes the cookies come in so that the made-up animals in the made-up cages on the front of the boxes are roaming free in their made-up jungle? What’s next? Bullying the zoos into unlocking the cages and let the animals run free? Ms. Franklin’s family should release a public statement stating that Peta is a complete nonfactor in how they conduct the Queen’s business. Give these kooks an inch and they’ll take a mile. Why do people let themselves be bullied by these busybodies?

  4. Blax Fax on said:

    It is disgusting that PETA would ask this of anyone who has a right to their own opinion about this as clearly Aretha did. If she had arranged for this before her death, that would be fine. However, obviously that was not her point of view nor her purpose. She has just as much right as anyone else to bequeath these possessions to other family members rather than giving her presious, expensive belongings to be used as matting for other animal life or even just given to anyone else in the world at a whim. Surely there are other ways to keep people warm. Why try to take back possessions from other people unless that is their spoken desire to do so. Anything else is loathingly disrespectful. PETA be DAMNED! It can continue to try to do good without disrespecting other people of any rank or race. This request is purely disgusting as well as untimely.

  5. Monique on said:

    How disrespectful can one be to dishonor Ms.Franklin by waking for her coats that she aadored and worked hard for wjoher whole life I hope they get nothing

  6. I wouldn’t donate a dime to peta! How disrespectful of them to reach out to the one and only Queen’s sons during their time of mourning. Peta has an agenda that only benefits them.

  7. Paula Renee on said:

    This is a great idea—and anyone who has an unwanted fur coat could do the same. We can’t take back the terrible animal suffering that went into making existing furs, but at least we can put them to good use.

    • Cynthia Feaster on said:

      REALLY!!! They probably eat more meat than I could ever dream of eating!!! These fake phony white bloodsuckers need to step off. PETA can go to hell. We will NOT allow the treasures that ARETHA FRANKLIN worked for in her lifetime to go to some stupid white charity that never has and never will do anything for African Americans.

  8. Blackbeckie on said:

    she may not have had a will but all they have to do is split things evenly or agree. then aagree as far as music rights thats it simple, no lawyers.

  9. Kim Marie on said:

    I remember when PETA facilitated the donation of furs to Syrian refugees during the winter, so this seems like a good way to continue Aretha’s passion and talent for helping others.

  10. Marietta Wilson on said:

    screw PETA, sons of Miss Franklin please put that letter in the trash, pay no attention to these people, keep those coats for your selves, if you decide to donate make sure it not PETA

  11. I hope hers 4 sons take every fur coat she owned, give them to each and every surviving female of Ms. Franklin’s and they all take a photo opt in the coats and send it to PETA. The damn nerve of them. I can add them to the list to whom I will never make a contribution or donation.

    • Cynthia Feaster on said:

      I totally agree and hope that maybe the family of Aretha Franklin considers doing something like that BUT I respect their right to do whatever they want with HER possessions. PETA has some damn nerve. And then to list the names of white women who made donations to their organization? What is THAT about? So now in death, white people are going to come and tell Aretha’s family what to do with HER stuff? They are crazy and RACIST and totally insensitive, in addition to totally disrespectful. I wish I would donate a penny to that hateful organization!!!!

  12. vdabney722 on said:

    How disrespectful can you get? Let the family decide what they want to do with Aretha’s estate. It will be hard enough for them to figure out what they’re going to do without a will, This kind of hubris and disregard for the families feelings and wishes is shocking. In fact, WHY should they funnel the clothes through PETA rather than donating them directly to shelters or other charities other than one that has denigrated her affinity for fur coats? Why? Because PETA has some other monetary purpose for these clothes that they are not disclosing.

  13. Phyllis on said:

    First of all PETA – its Miss Franklin. Family still grieving and they haven’t even buried her yet and your hands are out. Like that half ass letter makes it any better. Show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Just rude and insensitive.

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