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On Sunday in D.C. the second “unite the right or unite the white,” rally will be held.  The first was last year in Charlottesville, VA. It’s quite ironic that white people feel the need to “march for white civil rights,” as if they’re actually in danger. Do they not realize that their “life has always mattered because you made the rules.” They don’t realize how safe their rights really are, “if you kind of look at a lot of these white supremacists, very few of them have intelligence.”

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One thought on “#RussRant: ‘Unite The White’

  1. Mark Hines on said:

    As a former employee of Home Depot I find your suggestion for White supremacists to seak employment with them or Lowe’s reprehensible! Sarcasm or not it was indicative of the direction our country is going and those in positions that can influence that direction should not help to drive it further off that cliff! How are you any better than the “mouth breathers”? Hate is hate, negativity is negativity! You sir could shine a light down a better path for your many listeners but instead you choose to mimic those you “rant” against! I am not nor have I been a supporter of our current leader and did not vote for him, but following in his negative supporters ways is no way to help the mood of our nation! Be better! I was so turned off by your comments that I contacted the corporate office’s of both HD and Lowe’s and let them know what you had said. I hope they too let you know that you sir took the low road! Learn from it and do better! I wish you peace and will say a prayer or 3 for your, as of now in my view anyway, negative soul!

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