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(Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune via AP)

CHICAGO (AP) — At least 11 people were shot and killed and about 70 others were wounded over the weekend in Chicago, in a spasm of gun violence that police attributed mostly to gangs and that the president’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, used to criticize the city’s Democratic leadership.

The violence peaked early Sunday, including one shooting on the city’s South Side that wounded eight people.

By comparison, at least seven people were killed and 32 were wounded during the long Memorial Day weekend, which is often one of the most violent weekends of the year for the city, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Gang members are using large summer crowds as cover in some cases, police Patrol Chief Fred Waller said Sunday.

“They take advantage of that opportunity and they shoot into a crowd, no matter who they hit,” he said.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson planned to discuss the violence at Monday news conference.

Police have said violent crime has declined overall in Chicago. Still, anti-violence protesters have blocked highways to voice their outrage.

Chicago ended 2017 with fewer homicides, 650, than 2016, when there were 771. Although the drop was significant, it exceeded the combined number of killings in New York City and Los Angeles, which are the two U.S. cities bigger than Chicago.

Chicago’s gun violence has drawn widespread attention, including from President Donald Trump and his lawyer, Giuliani, who blamed the problem on Chicago’s longtime “Democratic rule” in a series of tweet s on Sunday and Monday.

The former New York City mayor also tweeted his support for Chicago’s former superintendent, Garry McCarthy, referring to him as “Jerry” and calling him a “policing genius.” McCarthy announced this year that he plans to run for mayor next February against Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who fired McCarthy in 2015 after the release of dashcam video showing a white police officer shoot a black teenager 16 times.

Misspelling Emanuel’s last name, Giuliani tweeted: “He can do a lot better than Mayor Emmanuel who is fiddling while Chicago burns.”

Giuliani also falsely claimed that Chicago had “63 murders this weekend.”

Famous Folks We Lost to Gun Violence
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14 thoughts on “11 Killed And Nearly 70 Wounded In Chicago Weekend Shootings

    • African American Woman on said:

      In order to arrest the ones responsible; community cooperation is the key…these people AIN’T talking! There will be more killings-in revenge for these. This nonsense will stop when we take hard line stance. Stop supporting our men who choose criminality over community..our women MUST stop having babies with any old piece of man. When we take responsibility for ourselves and the standards by which we conduct ourselves as a people, this crap will NEVER stop. Stop looking to place blame elsewhere; that’s a whole other problem too many of us have.

  1. Cathy Johnson on said:

    I’m sorry I just don’t believe a gang is doing this it wouldn’t surprise me if a gang of Cops with racist intent isn’t behind it they’re not whites and blacks being shot it’s only blacks

    • African American Woman on said:

      Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol … Most outrageous, moronic comment of the decade award! You’ve won a one way ticket to downtown Chicago! Have a good time!

      • I do not think that is dumb to think such. Let me take what was said and put it in this way. Are Clear people pulling the trigger, that might not be true? However, the gun trains run through the most unfortunate part of town and stop for hours and for some reason these young men know which train car holds the guns.
        Now, are guns placed in the hands of these young men, yes, they are. We must look at roots and stop looking at the limbs that come from the trees. I have talked to some of these young men, and they are not born killers, they are made, and in Cook County we make killers.
        The sad part is that outside the Mayor, most of the principal office’s holders are people of Color and they do nothing for those that look more like them. I have seen firsthand how the court system works in Cook County and it is a JOKE. It is run by a black man that think likes a clear man.
        So, we must stop just saying things happen by choice and many times they happen by force. If I do not have anything to live for if I do not see next week or next year in my life what do I care about taking your life?
        As I have said, I have stood in a courtroom as a Judge said that going to school and making something out of a 12-year-old black young man, might not the life for him. That Judge made a killer!

      • Here’s a novel idea. If you don’t have anything to live for and don’t see next week or next year, why not just kill yourself and leave everybody else alone? Oh, and just so you know, the only people that “places guns in these young men’s hands” are the young men. If a shipment full of rattlesnakes was dumped in the middle of a neighborhood, how likely is it that they would be “placed in young men’s hands?” Not likely because no one would pick one up. Choices.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Yeah sure…a band of rogue racist white cops is shooting blacks people and no one has said anything yet??? When the ones doing the shooting are aiming for those they have beef with…yeah, coincidence right? You can continue to create completely asinine conspiracy theories or join the fight to do something about it…excuses are nothing but hot air and feeble attempts to dodge and avoid responsibility.

  2. J.A-M on said:

    Enough, enough, enough already! I know the people in Chicago are not the brightest otherwise they will 1. demand stats on the other methods of murder committed in the city and 2. demand stats on what other groups are committing these murders?

    Why demand answers to these questions?

    Because the concentration on gun deaths is a clever way of blaming the black people for all of the killings in the city. The concentration on other ways people in Chicago are being murdered demands that the entire city shares blame for the murder rate.

    In order for senseless killings to stop in that city then all groups throughout the city must-face-accountability – not just the black or brown people on the south or west sides of the city.

  3. Blackbeckie on said:

    get out of these majority black cities, all they have in them is killed black people and crying black women. GET OUT BE SAFE.

  4. African American Woman on said:

    People…we gotta wake up and stop being in denial. WE are decimating each other. Try all you want but this isn’t the white man’s or anyone else but US! Racism isn’t killing us. WE are killing us! We MUST do better. This is inexcusable.

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