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You really have to question your morals when you get a wildly racist white woman on your side. This is the case for Dak Prescott who recently said kneeling during the National Anthem “takes the joy away” from football. Now, the hateful Tomi Lahren is praising him.

In one of Lahren’s propaganda videos, she claimed, “Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott scores a major touchdown.” She also said, “Dak Prescott doesn’t believe in disrespecting the flag, the anthem, our veterans, or our United States military and that makes him a traitor to his race? Are people serious? How absolutely disgusting.” She added, “Patriotic Americans are sick and tired of athletes turning the game of football into a political temper tantrum. The national anthem is less than 2 minutes long, and that means these social justice warriors have approximately 23 hours and 58 minutes left in the day to bring awareness to whatever societal oppression they feel.”

If you can stomach it, watch the rant below:

Prescott really needs to question his brainwaves. Lahren is the same person who called Black Lives Matter the new KKK.

In case you missed it, Prescott, 25, said during a press conference over the weekend, “I’d never protest during the anthem, and I don’t think that’s the time or the venue to do so. The game of football has always brought me such peace, and I think it does the same for a lot of people.”

He also added, “When you bring such a controversy to the stadium, to the field, to the game, it takes away … from that. It takes away from the joy and the love that football brings a lot of people.”

See below:


Dak Prescott Got A Racist White Woman On His Side After Saying He Would ‘Never’ Kneel During The National Anthem was originally published on newsone.com

6 thoughts on “Dak Prescott Got A Racist White Woman On His Side After Saying He Would ‘Never’ Kneel During The National Anthem

  1. Dak is absolutely right. The protesters need to pick another time and another place to protest. Not the national anthem. It’s a matter of manners. How many Minds have they changed? Be honest. How many hearts have they touched? Be honest. Zero. It’s also a matter of respect for their country and for people who have bled out their lives so they could have a good life. I don’t want to be around people with that kind of manners. But I love being around Dak. He went to school where I live. He is a true gentleman. If the protesters would follow his lead, they would get a lot more done and they would get some respect. They are disrespecting themselves and our country. How can I respect them?

    • This protest has nothing to do with disrespecting the flag, anthem or country. If that’s the case then why does food, BEER, souvenirs, etc… still get sold while the anthem is playing? Is that not disrespectful? I served in the military and lost lots of shipmates and this protest is not disrespecting anyone, anything or any country.

      • I see nothing wrong with what he said. I also see nothing wrong with the opposing view. There is no right or wrong. It’s people’s opinions. Not scientific facts. They don’t affect me in any way. I’ve never watched a football game in my life and I never will. However, I do enjoy listening to differing opinions – on just about everything. If everyone felt voiced the same opinion on every subject, I’d die of boredom.

  2. Desi on said:

    Kneeling is played out much like marching and singing. Professional sports and entertainment provides unparalleled opportunity for wealth so if wealthy entertainers want to do something meaningful use the plantations money to buy grocery stores, fine restaurants and beneficial establishments in the hoods they are from creating employment opportunities as well as residual income for themselves

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