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(Photo credit: Screenshot From Video)

A video taken of a heated situation in El Paso, Texas, on Thursday (07-05-18) has gone viral after an officer was seen pointing his gun at a group of children.

The incident resulted in the officer being placed on desk duty and is being investigated, city officials said Saturday.

The video has gone viral, with more than 2.7 million views on Facebook.

El Paso Deputy City Manager Dionne L. Mack and El Paso Police Department spokesman Sgt. Enrique Carrillo said at a news conference Saturday that an adult and a minor were arrested for interfering with the duties of a police officer. No injuries were reported.

“We have assigned additional resources to ensure the investigation can be completed expediently,” Mack said. She did not provide a timeline for when the investigation would be completed.

The video begins in the middle of an altercation between a police officer and a boy who appears to be a teenager. It shows the officer with his hand on the head of a boy who is sitting on the sidewalk.

At least six young boys can be seen in the video yelling and cursing at the officer.

The officer then pulls out his handgun, points it at the boys and yells “Back up! Back up (expletive).”

The family at the center of a viral video explained what happened moments before the video was recorded.



“The officers arrived and were handling that when they encountered the suspect involved in the criminal trespass and from there the events you witnessed in this video unfolded and that is where we are at,” Carrillo said.

After holstering his gun, the officer in the video points to someone off camera and says, “You again?”

He calls for more officers to respond to the scene and soon, another officer arrives and both officers then pull the boy to the ground.

The boy recording the video says, “It is all good. We are going to put a report on these two fools. It’s all good.”

He is then grabbed by the police officer but hands his phone to someone else and is handcuffed and placed in the back of a squad car with the other boy.

A woman can be heard yelling curse words at the officers and he threatens her with: “I know where you live.”

The Internal Affairs investigation will look at whether the officer violated any department policies.

“The whole investigation process with IA (Internal Affairs) will determine whether the officer followed protocol, look at all of the related incidents that surrounded that, take an opportunity to (do) interviews,” Mack said. “And go through that entire process, so all the facts and data are gathered before any conclusions are drawn.”

Watch insanity unfold via the clip below:

The White Woman Who Called Police At A Black BBQ Has Become The Greatest Meme Of All Time
13 photos





11 thoughts on “El Paso Police Officer On Desk Duty After Viral Video Shows Him Pulling Gun On Kids [Watch]

  1. SheCat54 on said:

    Them little mexican jumping beans should have beat his chicken s**t a** hiding behind a gun. Peckerwoods are just pathetic.

  2. tedgravely on said:

    He should be embarrassed that he pulled a gun. Now in this case, he would have been justified to lay hands on those skinny potty mouth delinquents. They put one “cussing” on that officer. Why didn’t he call for backup? Those midgets were vicious.

  3. African American Woman on said:

    Another example of the promotion of the abdication of responsibility. Stop with the dumb, backwards and dangerous idea that black people should not be held accountable for their bad choices and actions, simply because their black…this is a huge contributor to why our communities are the way they are today. Its a crime to interfere with police business and that’s what they were doing…he told them to back up and they kept coming at him…what are you missing here???? As long as we keep this stupid victim mentality, we will always be victims, never victors. Stop being scared of white people…newsflash, you’re a grown-up. I never taught my sons that fear the white man crap and now I have two driven, self-aware, well behaved, college education, in their own young men. Black people are NOT the leading victims of police shootings, so stop promoting that nonsense too…I grew up in the 80’s with old school parents and if I decided to act like a fool and a zoo animal in public, forget the cops, I would be afraid to go home!

  4. Passing Through!! on said:

    A word of advice to these children involved, when you have an encounter with a cop, you back up be still, stay quiet and keep your hands where they can be seen. They’re very lucky someone didn’t get shot. This cop clearly overreacted to a situation that could have been cleared up with simple questioning. But these kids in the background could have gotten shot for surrounding the cop, screaming and cursing. Cops are trained to shoot first they have no resolution skills don’t ever escalate a situation. Don’t give them a reason to kill you.

  5. Every one of the parents of these disrespectful, foul-mouthed little heathens should be held responsible for their behavior. With that many crumb snatchers surrounding him, shouting and cussing like banshees, how in the hell is he supposed to know whats going on behind, in front and on the side of him? It only takes a second for a knife to be plunged into a back, side or neck. He did exactly what he was supposed to do. You couldn’t pay me enough money to be a police officer or a teacher. The disrespect you witnessed in this video is one of the reasons teachers are now being offered homicide insurance.

  6. No, this could’ve been handled in a much better manner than the POS PIGS pulling out their weapons on children!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t care what the kids were doing-(short of committing a crime)-THEIR WAS NO
    CAUSE FOR the EL PASO POSSE to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. African American Woman on said:

    And????? What was he supposed to? Wait until they attacked him? Personal responsibility here and parents, come get your damn kids!

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