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In 2016, Cam may have anticipated his future as a father of four. 

Cam Newton might be trying for his own football team. He and his girlfriend of five years, Kia Proctor, welcomed their third child this month. As is the case most of the time these days, the two announced their second son had been born via Instagram.


No word on the baby’s name just yet.

The couple already has a son, Chosen Sebastian, born on Christmas Eve in 2015 and a daughter, Sovereign-Dior Cambella, born February 2017.

Proctor has a daughter, Shakira, from a previous relationship.

Here’s a photo of the entire family:

And here’s another pic of the family fun:

You won’t see any pics on Cam’s account though, unless you already follow him. He’s set his IG page to private. It might be because comments on Kia’s page have criticized her and the couple for continuing to have babies outside of marriage. However, for all we know, as Cardi B and Offset proved, they might be married already and just haven’t told us.

As for his day job as the Carolina Panther’s quarterback, their training camp starts on July 26.




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6 thoughts on “Cam Newton And Longtime Girlfriend Welcome Baby #3 [PICS]

  1. After three kids, I wonder when Cam plans on marrying the mother of his children.
    If she is good enuff to procreate with–MARRY HER and make it and the kids legit.

  2. jane doe on said:

    I hope it last, he’s popping out random babies by a former stripper, a whore. He’s also claiming her child from a previous relationship. I don’t think Cam is too bright anyways. Out of all the women he could have chosen he wifed up a ho but that’s probably all she’s good for is screwing & pushing out babies. She’s a certified baby maker sex machine. Typical dumb ass athlete some slut gives him a good blow & he loses his mind & wifes her up.

  3. tedgravely on said:

    White women are the original baby mamas. Goldie Hawn and her forever baby daddy. Let’s not talk about Angelina and Brad for the longest. On and on. It’s their business. The good news is black couples are having babies. If that man can afford it, I pray they have as many kids as they can love. Black people we need more loving and less killing. Keep putting in the work.

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