Shaun King Talks About Maxine Waters


Frederick Douglass’ speech What To The American Slave Is Your 4th Of July?, is still relevant today 166 years later. “Far too much of what is wrong and evil about the United States remains wrong and evil,” King went on to say that it’s ironic that we celebrate one form of freedom while there are so many who are being oppressed in the most inhumane way.

King took some time to celebrate Maxine Waters, because she has been a strong voice for our nation. Because she has encouraged others to speak out on the injustices of our country, “she has become a target of Donald Trump,” and has received death threats every day.

Hear his commentary above.




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4 thoughts on “Shaun King Talks About Maxine Waters

  1. Theo on said:

    I agree with “K” regarding Senator Maxine Waters & MOREOVER, Maxine Waters should NOT be at the forefront of ILLEGALS who have overt prejudice & disdain for African Americans! Hispanics and/or Latins are never out-front in the Plight of African-Americans as Maxine Waters is out-front of the Hispanic Plight.

  2. Yes, Lord have mercy on this country. However, Maxine Waters hands aren’t dirty. Her sole focus appears to be all talk about Trump while her community or constituents lives are falling apart. AND she does this while living in a million dollar home and her city is filled with tents. I want to respect her as a fellow black woman but it doesn’t appear she’s doing anything to help her community. Her focus is more on those illegals vice her own. Additionally, people need to be real about her motives. If a white person was told to push back on blacks, you would be getting ready to fight. Those words were fight talk not ‘peaceful’ protesting words.

  3. The Truth on said:

    They know 45 evil plan for some people living in the nation. He is stacking the Supreme Court the highest court in the land to always vote in his favor. The Supreme position are a life time position. The Supreme control and direct our lives. They sign the law the mandate what we shall follow. The is the plan he want wait til November for the people to Vote because he want get what he wants. 45 will push for his nominee to get his position asap. I truly believe Kennedy is in kahoot with 45 knowing his timing would help 45 create is master plan. What did 45 offer?
    The World remember how when President Obama nominee wouldn’t even be seen let alone heard. These Double Standards will not go without being Notice and having issues in this nation. 45 continue to wheel and deal this nation for his OWN AGENDA. LORD HAVE MERCY.

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