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In the George household in New Jersey, they are celebrating two valedictorians this year. Fraternal twins Malik and Miles George were co-valedictorians at their New Jersey high school. Neither of them has gotten a B since the third grade. reports:

The 18-year-old brothers from New Jersey delivered a rousing and light-hearted speech at their Woodbridge High School graduation ceremony Thursday, capping off years of academic excellence and hard work. The twins took turns giving their combined oratory address to their nearly 400 classmates, each one putting a spotlight on subjects dear to them like climate change and having support groups.

“It was an amazing experience,” Malik said. “To have all four years to culminate that moment is an enriching experience.”

The graduates, who earned near perfect SAT scores and didn’t have a grade lower than an A-minus in high school, now head to MIT, the school they’ve been laser-focused on since freshman year at Woodbridge High. So much so, the George brothers applied early — and found out they got in weeks before their birthday in December.

“It was our dream school,” Miles said. ” We were looking at top ten schools and we fell in love with everything it had to offer.”

In addition to MIT, the brothers were also accepted into Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. They attribute much of their achievements to their parents, who recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.

“From a very young age, our parents have been active in our education,” Malik said. “If we ever did get a B, they never forced us to do anything, they just wanted us to do our best.”

PHOTO: CBS Screenshot


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10 thoughts on “New Jersey Valedictorian Twins Get Into Their Top School

  1. Erica J on said:

    Amen! Very Proud of You Guys- may the lord continue to Bless You and Keep You ,may HIS face shine upon You all the days of your life

  2. Annie B on said:

    Congratulations to the both of them and Congratulations to the parents. Mom and Dad, you did a wonderful job! I know you guys are proud!

  3. It is always a pleasure to read about young men who are smart and have goals. Congratulations! Also, it is a good feeling to see such accomplishments in the African American family. We have a lot of smart young men and young women in this world, they just need all of our support.

  4. S.D. on said:

    Ted, you hit every relevant point. This is what should be highlighted and promoted. Wishing the best that life has to offer for these outstanding young men.

  5. tedgravely on said:

    The George Family should be smiling from ear to ear. Put these two boys with their terrific black parents on our magazine covers. Celebrate these young black men doing something besides running for touchdowns and jumping for hoops. Show their black parents who have been married for decades and raised outstanding young boys who are growing into wonderful men. Stop showing the foolishness of JJ Walker and black men marrying Kartrashian wh@&3s.

    • two affirmative actions clown and bit man Ted Gravely is already spewing his black pride nonsense. What is the graduation rate of your race? Care to answer that one? hehe This is too easy. How can 13 percent of the population commit 60 percent of violent crimes? Let’s here your nation of islam garble!

      • Whatever the graduation rate of Ted’s race, one thing is for sure. They know the difference between “here” and “hear.”

    • You seem to have a huge anti-white chip on your should blackboy! Since you hate us so much, it seems 90 percent of your posts are anti-white dribble? Did they teach you that at your nation of islam convention?

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