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A woman in Waxahachie, Texas is suing a buffet for $1 million because she claims, she got “fried rice syndrome,” after eating there.

Germaine Mobley, 62, says after eating at Asian King Buffet with a friend in 2016, she became ill.  Mobley had eaten at the buffet several times, including the day in question. She didn’t notice anything wrong, until she began to drive home, reports WFAA-8.

When Mobley arrived home her health took a turn for the worse, “I just started vomiting,”she said. “The next morning, I was having problems breathing, so my husband called an ambulance,” she told WFAA-8.

According to court documents, Mobley ingested Bacillus cereus while eating fried rice from Asian King Buffet.

Bacillus cereus is a bacteria that produces toxins,it can be found on foods that have been at room temperature for too long.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says Bacillus cereus is commonly found in fried rice, hence the name, Fried Rice Syndrome. According to the FDA, symptoms include cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea, and those symptoms should only last about 24 hours.

Mobley says she was in the ICU for 8 days and was on a ventilator for two of those days because she choked on her own vomit, while wearing an oxygen mask. “Fried Rice Syndrome sounds like a joke, but it’s very serious,” Mobley’s attorney Kathryn Knotts told WFAA-8.

Because she admits in the lawsuit that she had unrelated medical issues prior to eating at their establishment, the restaurant is requesting documented proof of all of Mobley’s claims.

“You just never dream that you would go out to eat and get that ill,” Mobley said.

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10 thoughts on “Woman Sues Buffet Over ‘Fried Rice Syndrome?’

  1. Eating at buffet restaurants during the summer months is not good.
    Food that sits out without proper temperature control is susceptible to bacteria.
    Therefore, at a buffet–EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As for this woman and her “Fried Rice Syndrome,”–the only thing I ever got from eating
    Fried Rice is a headache from way too much MSG–LOL!!!!!!!!!

    I think her claim is BOGUS!

  2. Eagleye on said:

    Where in the hell does it say a person of color. I don’t see where spending 8 days in ICU is nonsense! How in the hell does this, versus a person suing McDonald’s because her coffee was too hot compare! Ignorant people like Pisa me off. Stop posting stupid comments, and grow up!

    • Jean on said:

      Silliness will always override common sense.Mac Stupid known as Mack daddy. Don’t you know people of all races eat at buffets including you?

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