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America is about to change! Justice Kennedy is retiring, and,”the most insane” President America has ever had will have to pick a new Supreme Court Justice. Russ fears, if America keeps heading in the direction that we’re headed, segregation will become legal again.  He also says that we’re feeling the “consequence” of not voting.

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3 thoughts on “#RussRant: We’re Being Taught A Horrible Lesson

  1. Ernestine Morrison on said:

    Harry Ball be conscious of the reality that we only make up a small % of the population by ourselves. Collective Works is a Kwanzaa
    principle. We,as a race, in America need
    to align ourselves with like-minded people
    if we are to change the course of history
    in our favor. There is safety in numbers.

  2. We, as African-Americans, need to learn that, if no one else will vote at 100%, we need to. WE need to be informed voters and elect people who have our interest at heart. If we had turned out for Clinton as we did for Obama, we would not be experiencing this right now. Until we all decide that the second Tuesday in November is at least as important that Juneteenth, MLK day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, we will continue to have to suffer at the hands of the segregationists!

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