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On June 21 in Kingsland, Georgia, Officer Zechariah Presley was following a vehicle being driven by 33-year-old Anthony Green — no word on why he was following the car. Presley pulled Green over. He was driving with an unidentified passenger. According to CBS News, “Green stopped the vehicle and got out and fled on foot. Presley pursued Green, eventually making physical contact, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation says. Green again fled, and that’s when the officer fired multiple shots, killing Green.” The other passenger reportedly exited the vehicle and has not been found.

Yesterday, Officer Zechariah Presley turned himself in to the Camden County Sheriff’s Office.

CBS News reports Presley was charged with voluntary manslaughter and violation of oath of office. Reportedly, there is footage from the officer’s body camera and patrol vehicle. However, “investigators were attempting to enhance the video but said they wouldn’t release it, citing the ongoing investigation.”

Georgia Bureau of Investigation has met with the victim’s family. Green’s sister Marcia Roche told WJAX after the shooting, “I just want to know why. If you had known him… just why? He’s not that type of guy.” Family members claim he was shot in the back while running away, and neighbors claim they heard multiple gunshots. Green was a father of two.

Sadly, a charge rarely ever results in a conviction. Hopefully, the body cam footage will be released so the full story will be public.

Our condolences go out to Green’s family and friends.


Georgia Officer Shoots And Kills A Father Of Two Who Was Reportedly Running Away From Him was originally published on newsone.com

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