On Friday, June 22, a Black family in West Philadelphia were at the Cinemark movie theater watching Jurrassic World. Ismanel Jimenez and his wife Ashley heard a loud beeping noise going off for about an hour.

The couple left their three sons and two of their sons’ friends in the theater, bringing their 3-year-old with them to go to the lobby and ask for a refund. The manager agreed to a refund, but when the parents said they were going back inside to get the kids, the manager refused.

And of course, the white employees felt “threatened” and called the police. According to Philly.com, “at least a half-dozen officers” arrived at the movie theater.

The family captured the incident on video. You can hear Ismanel, 36, who is a teacher, saying, “A Black person’s considered a threat immediately. So therefore, if they are defiant to you, instead of actually dealing with the issue, you are calling the police.”

Philly.com also reports, “Jimenez said his oldest son, 11, whom he has talked to about the potential dangers of interactions with police, grew frightened and ran to the bathroom to vomit. ‘He was worried that I was going to get hurt,’ Jimenez said.”

One of the Black officers calmed the situation and got them a refund for the food they ordered at the concession stand.

See the video below:

Thankfully, this incident did not end in tragedy, but let’s hope the manager is not allowed to work at this theater. Calling the cops because parents wanted to go back into the theater to retrieve their children is asinine.


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Philadelphia Police Terrify An 11-Year-Old So Much That He Vomited  was originally published on newsone.com