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EAST PITTSBURGH, Pa. (AP) — A lawyer for the family of a 17-year-old fatally shot by a Pennsylvania police officer seconds after he fled a traffic stop says the boy did not pose a threat.

Attorney S. Lee Merritt said Thursday he doesn’t see justification for the use of deadly force by an East Pittsburgh police officer that left Antwon Rose Jr. dead.

Police on Tuesday night stopped the car Rose was riding as part of an investigation into an earlier shooting. Rose and another passenger ran from the car as an officer took the driver into custody.
A video of the shooting was posted to Facebook by a bystander.

City officials say the officer was sworn in just hours earlier but had been with the department for two weeks and had eight years of law enforcement experience.

21 thoughts on “Lawyer: No Apparent Justification For Fatal Shooting Of Teen Antwon Rose

  1. scott on said:

    way past time for black men and women to start doing the same to these terrorist in blue who continue daily murdering their unarmed children..

  2. Mrknowitall on said:

    If you live by the gun you die by the gun. Criminals have two choices prison or death. If this boy wasn’t involved in the drive-by shooting he’d be alive today. Karma is a b!tch

  3. E-DOG on said:

    Just a Question ? How many of these young black boys/ men that are being shot by police came from a 2 parent household ..i never see the father ..it’s always the mother …

    • Mac Daddy on said:

      Sporting a weave and spinning a story about what a good boy he was. Turning his life around despite an arms length criminal rap sheet starting at 12 y/o. Like or hate Trump, he is bringing accountability and responsibility back to the forefront. Are we going to fall further behind?

      • scott on said:

        I cannot wait for white young boys and girls to get this same treatment. It is way past time for this country to have another brutal civil war.. way past due.. Black people this continues to happen to you because you do not fight back, even when you have to kill your terrorist in blue uniform oppressor who daily murder your children, you still do not have enough common sense to know, cops have families also and live some where..

    • Mac Daddy on said:

      Your not supposed to say that E-Dog. It may appear that we are at fault here. And we all know it 100% the racist pigs and Nazi Trump to blame for all our woes

      • For you to say that you want to see children murdered, no matter what the race, makes you, by far a worse human being than anyone you’re condemning. Anyone with children should be very careful about letting them get anywhere near you.

  4. I don’t know about y’all, but frankly I’m bored with the racist trolling this website. Their mental disorders appear to be escalating each day, as with their GREAT WHITE HOPE!

  5. Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

    Perry, police ballistics have positively linked the spent clip in Antwon’s pocket to shells at the scene of a drive by shooting only blocks away. Critically wounded, a 17 year old AA male, AND a 4 y/o AA girl. 4 y/o!! Tell me Punk Azz Perry, which black lives matter here? You and people that think like you are a cancer to our communities. Get your baggy azz pants out of my face, you sicken me.

  6. Perry on said:

    How does running away from the police bring on your being shot in the back three times? Mac Daddy has already proven himself to be a fool, don’t join him by uttering that ignorance.

    • Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

      You take “witnesses” word as gospel? Didn’t you do that in the Michael Brown shooting? Yeah you did fool. Obviously didn’t learn from it. Ignorance is repeating the same behavior over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Perry if your not willing to hold black youth to any level of accountability for their poor choices, then expect the same things to keep happenening. Just don’t act surprised and toss out your faux outrage

      • Butter Pecan on said:

        He’s got a point. I have not heard one person ask why is this kid hanging out with “friends” that do drive by’s? Show me your friends and I’ll show you yourself. For too long we have been pointing the finger at others

  7. In the eyes of law enforcement, just being a young MAN OF COLOR in Chump’s Amerkyah was
    THREAT enuff.

    If PIGS have such a damn Fear of African Americans-maybe they should DO ANOTHER JOB!!!!!!

    My heart goes out to the parents of this young man–GONE TOO SOON!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dave on said:

      I think we bring shit on ourselves. Would you be riding with dudes in a car that was involved in a shooting? That is mistake number one. Compare that to the chance of getting shot while singing in church.

    • Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

      Parents? You do realize there is a very slim chance of that, right? That is the elephant in the room that you refuse to acknowledge, let alone offer solutions for. 74% of black women are baby mama’s and are completely devoid of even remedial parenting skills. You can bet your bottom dollar that Antwon was just the latest victim of this blight in black hoods. Notice I don’t even say communities anymore? Long gone is that concept.

    • Grady White on said:

      L you are the only one here defending a criminal. Maybe that should tell you something about your moral compass

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