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You may remember that in 2013, then 15-year-old Dajerria Becton was at a pool party in McKinney, Texas that was breaking up after several 911 callers said the party was getting out of hand. Becton, who was a bystander, was forced to the ground in her bathing suit by a McKinney officer,  Eric Casebolt.

The officer resigned four days after the incident. No charges were ever filed, but Becton’s family sued. Video shot of the incident showed Casebolt and the officers targeting Black teens. Becton’ experience was traumatizing, says her lawyer, Kim T. Cole.

“This girl will never be the same,” Cole said. “Anyone who has been a teenage Black girl knows how hard it is, and to have this type of negative publicity, in your bikini, shown all over the world. It tore her up. We don’t know who she would have been had this not happened.” Cole added that Becton plans to throw another pool party for her client to celebrate the settlement.


The Star Telegram Reports:

The family of a teen in a viral video that showed a McKinney police officer forcing her onto her stomach and placing his knees on her back while breaking up a pool party has reached a settlement with the officer and the city of McKinney in a federal lawsuit, the city said in a joint news release.

The statement said all claims against then-Officer Eric Casebolt and the city of McKinney will be dismissed. Under the terms of the settlement, the plaintiffs and their attorneys will be paid $184,850 by the self-insurance risk pool for the city of McKinney, with $148,850 going to Dajerria Becton, the 15-year-old shown in the video.

“While the events precipitating this case are regrettable,” the statement said, “the City of McKinney and the McKinney Police Department would like to express their thanks to the community for its commitment to inclusiveness, order, and unity. ”

Becton’s family had filed a $5 million federal lawsuit against Casebolt after the 2015 incident at the Craig Ranch North subdivision in southwest McKinney, accusing him of using excessive force.





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24 thoughts on “Teen Wins Settlement After Altercation With Police At Pool

  1. I am glad about this but who checked the white man in the blue jeans & brown top who was pushing the kids & walking around like he was the police’s man body guard?

  2. Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

    Black women lead the nation in obesity rates, yet continue to patronize Waffle House. Get your shiggidy in order. Ain’t no secret why we prefer white women

    • prerog on said:

      Careful, that you do not end up at the end of a noose swinging from a tree. There was a time in this nation that a Black man suspected and mostly falsely accused of ‘looking’ at a white woman was strung up. How soon we forget.

  3. Itsme on said:

    I am happy for the outcome for this young woman and her family. What’s tragic is the way this all came about. One thing I will say, people like jhuff remind us as black people that hate made this country, and the “head fool in charge” has allowed these folks to spit their hate every chance they get. If black folks really rebelled like we know we can, white folks would leave this land they STOLE and take their asses back to the caves of Europe where they originated! But even they don’t want trash in their back yards! Good Luck to the family for fighting for their daughter!!

  4. jhuff on said:

    Hip Hip Ho-ray for the attorneys looks like their the ones who really cleaned up, hopefully Ms. Becton now grown has improved on her social behavior or I see a Rodney King destiny

    • Chris on said:

      @jhuff – you phucking bitch a$$ cretin!! Take your butt back to that rock or white man that you climbed from under!! That young girl’s behavior had nothing to do with the treatment she received from that cop!!

      • So apparently anti-social, lack of respect for authority, rules and fellow citizens
        Is engrained in your upbringing, it was in Michael Browns too

  5. No amount of $$$$ can compensate for the traumatic experience this young girl suffered at the hands of folks who are SUPPOSED TO PROTECT AND SERVE!!!!!!!

    The POS PIG should have been FIRED.

    KARMA IS A BITCH. It will come back and bite him in his UGLY RACIST ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • prerog on said:

        No she does not attend as evidenced by the bikini that she wore. I do however, and this is just the beginning of Black reparations. More is on the way so get ready to have really bad migraines and soul-rending stomach cramps, wypipo.

  6. tedgravely on said:

    I pray the parents ensure that the money meant for their daughter’s pain and suffering goes to their daughter. Although a little north of over 100K isn’t a great deal; if used properly, it’s a great start. That officer’s conduct was egregious. Too bad charges weren’t filed. Just another day of the blue line covering for their corrupt partners.

  7. Passing Through!! on said:

    I’m glad she won her case but his sorry barbaric ass should have been prosecuted and fired for man-handling young girl that way.

  8. lois on said:

    I am so glad that Dajerria’s case was taken seriously. What the cop did to the young lady was horrible! I’m also glad it was caught on video. Why do people in “positions of authority” commit abuses against their victims and then “resign” and swear that they are innocent? That’s messed up (you know what I mean) that “all claims” against him will be dismissed. $148,850 is
    not nearly enough to settle this case, The cop should have paid this out of his own pocket.

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