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Lord have mercy! It really is cheaper to keep her. After a nasty custody battle, Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams has been hit with huge child support payment.

The actor and activist has been ordered to shell out $50,629 a month in child support to ex Aryn Drake-Lee for their three-year-old son Maceo and four-year-old daughter Sadie, according to court documents.

He had previously been ordered to pay over $50k a month in spousal support that was upped from $33k, TMZ reports. Williams must also pay his estranged wife’s legal fees, totaling $270,000.

According to court docs, Jesse pulls in $521,000 a month.

Williams fought against the support payments, saying he would instead like to take care of the needs of his children, but the court wasn’t having it.

“The reasonable needs of the children can be met by (Williams) directly paying school tuition, uninsured medical and certain other expenses totaling $7,465 a month,” the actor argued in the papers.

In the end, Drake-Lee was awarded the sum so the children could “share in a lifestyle and condition consistent with their parents’ current station in life,” the court ruling states.

The couple finalized the end of their five-year marriage nearly a year after he filed for divorce. They were granted joint physical custody of their kids.



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24 thoughts on “Jesse Williams Ordered To Pay 100K In Spousal, Child Support

  1. tedgravely on said:

    As well he should. I have no beef with Jesse, but he left his wife with two kids to hook up with a homewrecking wh@(e. I don’t understand the people bashing her for securing her and their kids future. Men remarry all the time and treat their first family like step kids. If she is smart, she will make wise decisions so when the checks stop, she is still standing tall. She held him down before anyone knew who he was. Once he got the spotlight, he decided to trade in the old model. Denzel hasn’t traded in Pauletta. Morris Chestnut has hung onto Pam. LL and Simone. Grant Hill and Tamia. On and on. This fool traded in his Michelle Obama for a hoochie mama. Aryn- take this man to the mat. You deserve to be secure and continue the same standard of living. He left. Wh@(es don’t live better than the kids and wife. Y’all simple.

    • prerog on said:

      Amen to everything you just stated. Now, if he plans to have more children, he will think really hard before doing so. She stuck it to him good, the ex-wife did, and rightfully so. It is extremely difficult for a single mother to marry again much less have a decent relationship since many men see you as a nothing. Jesse Williams ex is a somebody!

  2. He takes home $500k a month, her child/spouse support is ONLY $100k, per Eddie Murphy stand-up in the 80’s, that’s not even half. She fully supported him before he made it big. I think she deserves more. I read an article where he is already counting down until his kids turn 18so he doesn’t have to pay that anymore, not caring about college tuition or expenses. I think he’s a POS especially since he talk about black empowerment. All that pro blackness starts with taking care of your family first.

    • prerog on said:

      Yeah, and he was the one who gave a very pro-Black speech at one of the Black awards shows several years ago and then turns tail (turns around to a whitey) and pulls this stunt?! Talk about uncle tomism and divided loyalties!

  3. Namdie on said:

    Give them that money, she hung with him before so why leave her out now! It was his choice to leave! Her time now!!

  4. He got a Judge that probably sees what we weren’t privvy to. Plus, his ex is an educated woman..I Pray that she uses her education to also make her own money, and yes, use some of that money towards a trust fund…..And upgrade herself, always, and get another rich man…..He will THINK 2 or 3 times…The next time!!

  5. B Chat on said:

    As per the above article, Drake Lee was awarded the song so the children could share in a lifestyle and condition consistent with their parents current station in life… And that was the Court’s ruling. perhaps you should have thought about that . Next!

  6. Patricia Mitchell Bryant on said:

    That’s ridiculous … It doesn’t take that much to support anyone. She must know the judge personally. A divorce means both parties are responsible.

    • prerog on said:

      Well, this will serve as a lesson for all the brothers who are espying the white woman whilst being with a Black woman. We will get you in the biscuits!

  7. Youdontknowwhoiamhaha on said:

    She is only doing that because she mad he left her ass for another woman..I mean what woman or man would not hit a rich fool where it hurts? in his or her pockets. Look at MJB asshole of a husband. Why you think oprah isn’t married? She aint no body’s fool. I guarantee you she and dude got an iron clad agreement..

  8. Jackie on said:

    Usually the kids live worse than the father, so the kids should live the way the father does. If he has a mansion and the mother has an apartment, then why should they live in the apartment while he lives in a mansion. Stop having kids if you don’t want to take care of them.

  9. Give the Mother her alimony check, give the Mother $1000.00 for each kid, then put the rest in a trust fund, if she wants high price Schools, Nannies, etc, then she pays for it, you don’t need all this money to raise a kid, I’m sure these kids would want this money when they turn 21 years old! These ladies give us other HARD WORKING MOTHERS A BAD NAME!!!

    • Terrie Head on said:

      I agree, when me and my ex called it quits. I took the child support money and started a savings/college fund for our daughter. When she went off to college besides her college scholarships everything else she needed was paid for with the support given by her father. She even had some to live on after college graduation.

      I think men should should suggest that have of all support be put in a fund to the children once they become adults, then it is truly support.

      • prerog on said:

        Yes, that is good but still the ex-wife is owed alimony for all the years of being in a marriage. That man does not get off scot-free and Jesse ‘messy’ Williams does not either.

    • prerog on said:

      Don’t be upset because she knows how to get him good and she got him good. He thought he was going to pull a Lionel Ritchie move and she pulled a Brenda Ritchie move without even throwing a punch (physically). You go girl!

  10. All a child needs is Love, a roof over their heads, food in their bellies and clothes on their backs.
    Why do any children need 100K a month in support???????????

    This is exactly why some kids are spoiled brats these days.
    Their parents are FOCUSED on way too much MATERIAL THINGS!!!!!!!!

    • prerog on said:

      Very true but she will most likely remain single for the rest of her life. Jesse Williams will never be single for the rest of his life. Like Steve Harvey said, “Women cannot do as men do” yet we have justice on our side.

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