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As we all know, living life while Black is complicated. Not only do you have to keep your eyes on police but you have to keep your eyes on white people who think they are. There is white people who decided to use police as a weapon from Starbucks to Waffle House to Yale. Literally, no  place is safe, even if you are moving into your apartment. This latest  incident in Maryland City, Maryland is a prime example and we admire how the young kept his patience.

In the video below an older white lady is trying to argue with a young man in a parking lot who claims she can’t back out because his car is the way — who knows how true that is. The car door is open and she is literally standing in front of the door, way too close for comfort. The man says, “You don’t have to invade my personal space my right now.”

She snaps back, “No, I am not in your personal space.” She claims she isn’t and the man politely asks her to back up but she refuses. The white lady says because his door is open that it is “an invitation.” Then she yells, “I’m calling the police!” and finally walks away. Watch the video below:

One could only imagine if this was an elderly Black man standing in front a white man or woman’s car. The police would be called, someone would be tased, arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Make America great again!


Watch This White Lady Threaten To Call The Cops As She Is Colonizing A Man’s Personal Space was originally published on newsone.com

3 thoughts on “Watch This White Lady Threaten To Call The Cops As She Is Colonizing A Man’s Personal Space

  1. B Chat on said:

    Oh me? I’m just here for the comments… Waiting to see what white person is going to be white enough to defend this Behavior coming from someone her age especially is Despicable! I really feel that the most racist white person would have an issue with what she’s doing. And thank God that was the guy and not me because God forgive me for what I would have done to her. That’s imprisonment to hold him there, which was actually her as a white person breaking the law! Curious as to what the outcome was

  2. He should have just backed up, drug her old ass and told the cops she was trying to hop into his car and he feared for his life. She wants to act gangsta’ treat her old ass like a gangsta.

  3. When was America ever great?????????
    white folks have just grown some hair on their chests now that Chump is in office.
    He has given them the courage to do the IGNORANT shit they are now doing to US.

    Time for a revolution!!!!!!!!!

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