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After successfully partnering with lawyers and activists to help grandmother Alice Marie Johnson be freed from prison, Kim Kardashian-West is looking to change another life.

The reality entrepreneur tweeted on Saturday to Governor Brown of California to, “please test the DNA of Kevin Cooper.”

Kevin Cooper was convicted of murdering Douglas and Peggy Ryan and their daughter Jessica and her friend Chris Hughes in Chino Hills, California in 1985. Despite the guilty verdict, Cooper has maintained his innocence. In an explosive expose by the New York Times, writer Nicholas Kristof explained the sole survivor of the murders, an 8-year-old named Joshua Ryan, claimed that the killers were three or four white men, not Kevin Cooper.

Despite the eyewitness report, Cooper’s camp claims the investigators chose to focus on the now 59-year-old versus other potential suspects.

The DNA evidence in question that allegedly links Cooper to the crimes is on a t-shirt that was reportedly never wore by Cooper, according to the man himself.

Kim and other advocates are asking the Governor to re-test the evidence to potentially exonerate Cooper.

The governor has not yet responded to request for comment.




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8 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian On A Mission To Free Death Row Prisoner Kevin Cooper

  1. Passing Through!! on said:

    Since when did this whore become an activist all of a sudden? If she really wants to bring change she needs to talk to her boi in the white house about his KKK racist ass attorney general Jeff Sessions who as we speak is undoing laws that will create more Alice Johnson’s and Kevin Cooper’s. You have to change the system if you want real change and this change will not come by way of being trump’s friend. She’s going to have to challenge the system and that means going against the racist in the RepupliKKKan party that her mentally-ill husband is brown nose boot licking. Until she goes up against these racist fist to fist to bring real change I’m not impressed, ho can have a seat.

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