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White hysteria has seemingly been on the rise as Black, brown and other people of color inch closer to becoming a majority in the United States. The latest example of White folks freaking out over possibly losing their status in society comes from Arizona.

On Wednesday, Republican state Rep. David Stringer doubled down on a recent comment about his fear of the growing number of minority kids in Arizona public schools and what he said was a dwindling number of white students. Stringer claimed he wasn’t being racist. Instead, he was simply attempting to start an honest discussion on race, the Arizona Capitol Times reported.

Stringer has been catching heat for a 51-second snippet of his remarks at the Yavapai County Republican Men’s Forum on Monday.

“Sixty percent of public school children in the state of Arizona today are minorities. That complicates racial integration because there aren’t enough white kids to go around,” Stringer said on a 17-minute video that was deleted from his social media page after teachers called his comments racist.

The United States has been well on its way to becoming a majority-minority nation. In 2015, the population of racial or ethnic minority babies was 50.2 percent, marking the first time that babies of color outnumbered white babies, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. Non-whites have been predicted to become the majority of the nation’s children by 2020.

It was panic over the coming reality of losing majority status and possibly political power that led a group of white people in Texas to file a federal lawsuit in 2015. It alleged racial discrimination based on the Voting Rights Act (VRA), which was enacted to protect historically discriminated and disenfranchised groups like African-Americans. The case, Anne Harding, et. al. v. County of Dallas, Texas, came to trial in April. A verdict in the case had not been issued as of Thursday.

It was believed to be the first time white voters sued for protection under the VRA. Some legal experts speculated it could be the first of many similar lawsuits, as the clock ticks down.


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12 thoughts on “White People’s Hysteria Over Losing Majority Status Is At An All Time High

  1. tedgravely on said:

    You know how to really scare them – black men take back being the backbone and head of households. Make our women feel secure, marry them, and have 3-4 beautiful black babies. Get back to back yard BBQs inviting family and friends and have each other’s back. Secure jobs, build communities and support each other. You can really really scare them by owning s$)t, and stop depending on them to create jobs. Now that I woke up…….I can see that we still have a ways to go.

  2. americanize on said:

    More white folks are dying then being born,there birth rate is zero.Maybe the universe is telling you something.

  3. wgailb on said:

    When you look at the world’s population, people of color have always outnumbered so-called whites. The term majority was something they created to appear powerful.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      So true, they were NEVER the majority. Labeling themselves as the majority is white supremacy tactic all about being in charge ruling the world.

    • pac4me on said:

      Let’s face it, they were indeed the majority when it came to financial status and power with Jobs, buying homes, going to college, etc. compared to what the “minorities” had available to them, but they were never the majority when it came to the number of people

  4. jhuff on said:

    What the hell are white people afraid of?? hell look at majority black and black governed areas
    Chicago,Oakland, DC, Detroit, Haiti life in these areas is like living in Wakanda right???

      • Evolution ? Interesting. So the black folks that have patches of white skin and white skin on the bottom of their feet, they are evolving ? Into Whites ! So, I guess that means whites are superior as evolution goes upward and not downward. See the stupidity of your comment now ?

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