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Owen Dillard, two-time lottery winner, was found stabbed to death in his apartment, NY Post reports. The father of two was discovered by his fiancee in their home earlier this week.

Dillard’s untimely death comes just months after he won a $10,000 lotto draw in April. Six months prior to this win, Dillard scored a $50,000 prize from playing the lottery’s Win 4 game, according to his nephew and neighbor.

“My uncle was a sharing man, a giving man. He plays the lottery, gambles,” Dillard’s nephew Shabazz Muhaymin said of his late uncle. “A lot of people in this neighborhood know him — the neighborhood is now broken without him.”

Dillard’s ex-wife, remembered him sorrowfully, “He was a good man…I’m just trying to wrap my mind around this. He’s been here forever.”

According to authorities, the deceased was found lying on the living room floor with several stab wounds to the left side of his cheek. Police detected no signs of forced entry.



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5 thoughts on “73-Year-Old Bronx Lottery Winner Found Stabbed To Death In His Home

  1. tedgravely on said:

    50K. This man was killed for 50K. Damn if he was hit with 24-28% Federal Tax, and I’m sure NY has a high tax rate, he might take home a little north of 30K. Now if he didn’t have much else, whatever’s left from the lottery winnings will be used for funeral expenses. Now they are all back to zero. He lived for 73 years, no sweat. Win a few bucks and life ends in a tragedy. All lottery winners should sue to remain anonymous. The surgeon general should also put out a public service announcement- winning the lottery is dangerous to your health, and can shorten your life expectancy.

  2. Itsme on said:

    Those who will miss him are probably the ones that killed him. No forced entry. Just Tragic how greed has ruined a community. RIP Borther

  3. God bless this man!

    This is why if you ever have the luck to win a Lottery-you never should have any publicity surrounding it. Just go pick up the check and keep it on the down-low.

    Some turd no doubt found out about this mans stroke of good luck and wanted a piece of
    the pie.

    I hope when and if this person is caught, they receive the maximum punishment- a DEATH SENTENCE!!!!!!

    • americanize on said:

      First and foremost,condolonces to the family.You’re right L when you come into a nice windfall you tell no one,and keep a low profile. I hope they find the POS.

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