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A Twitter feud between Kim Kardashian and Chicago producer/rapper Rhymefest has resulted in Donda’s House, a nonprofit created in honor of Kanye West’s late mother, from dropping her name.

It all started when Rhymefest tweeted on Saturday that Kanye hasn’t helped enough with the org and that he doesn’t particularly care about Chicago youth.

Donda’s House was created in 2011 by Kanye, Rhymefest, and Donnie Smith in the name of Kanye’s late mother  who passed away in 2007 from complications of plastic surgery.

“I’m asking @Drake to help the part of Chicago Kanye has Abandoned! Please contact @DondasHouse.”

He then tweeted: “@Drake when G.O.O.D. Music sends the money they owe you, will you please help us rebuild Kanye’s mother’s house for the youth of Chicago. I spoke to Kanye about it. His response was ‘f*ck the youth of Chicago.’”


KimjKardashian, Kanye’s wife, decided to get involved, firing off some pretty petty Tweets, accusing the rapper of trying to “over-leveraging” her husband’s name” because he hasn’t “been able to sustain the foundation.”

She went on to say: “I saw you at our studio a few weeks ago so why didn’t you bring this up then….? You were trying to get Kanye to listen to your sub par beats. You have the audacity to use Kanye’s mom’s name to try to shed a negative light on Kanye.”

(Listen: Beyonce would never get involved in Jay-Z’s business like this. But I digress.)

Shortly after, Rhymefest issued an official statement, claiming that he has been in contact with her husband and that he more “interested in his record” than helping with Donda’s House.

“How can you criticize an organization that you’ve never physically been to OR that you’ve never even talked to the Executive Director or any of the team?” I encourage you instead of attacking me personally, to Google us, watch the videos on our YouTube channel featuring our work, and come actually speak to the young people who have been involved in our program,” he wrote.

Then, an official from Donda’s House announced that the organization was dropping Kanye’s mother’s name for good.

“Due to recent events that have occurred over the last 48 hours, we have decided to no longer use the name Donda’s House, Inc. This has been an incredibly difficult decision, but the social media quotes from Kim Kardashian West, as well as the expressed interest of her family running the organization, has brought us to this decision.”

They added: “We encourage Kim and Kanye to indeed pick up the baton of service.”

Kanye and Kim have yet to make any further comment.




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