An Update On The Sherita Dixon-Cole Story


Shaun King talks about the false allegations Sherita Dixon-Cole made against a Texas trooper during his segment on the Tom Joyner Morning Show.


Update: 5/23/18

The Texas Department of Safety has released the body camera footage from the night of Sherita Dixon-Cole’s traffic stop.

Shaun King tweeted the following:



Attorney Lee Merritt, has released the following statement on his Twitter:



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109 thoughts on “An Update On The Sherita Dixon-Cole Story

  1. Adam B on said:

    How about an apology, and not just this “appears” bs? When you get something wrong, you own up to it like an adult and apologize. But who cares right? Just a mans name, profession and family on the line right?

  2. Chris on said:

    Shaun King – I don’t blame you for your misstep on this story – it could have been ANYONE of us!! AAWoman PHUCK you you self hating sad human being!!! You rather spout ANY negative at ANY Black person!! The man made a mistake – which he has apologized for and admitted! He could have continued with the lie – but he didn’t! All of you self righteous never had done ANYTHING wrong – no one cares what any of you think

    • African American Woman on said:

      I’m not going to be a coward like you…FUCK you, with an F. He is a journalist which comes with responsibilities; which include factual reporting, which he FAILED to do. In his egoistic mission to be right, he made statements that he did not have facts to make. Any journalist worth his salt knows this is irresponsible reporting.

  3. Nancy Johnson on said:

    The camera is suppose. to be pointed on all behavior. From contact officer makes. till stop complete this camera isn’t. so it appears he is hiding some part of story

  4. Brit on said:

    Saun King, you are a horrible person. But you’re not as horrible as this woman. How do you even sleep at night? Do you possess self-awareness?

  5. African American Woman on said:

    And this is why, Shaun King, you get the FULL story before you put your name and reputation behind someone… I never put too much stock in your opinions, but trying to insinuate that this woman’s story HAS to be true simply because she is black was both asinine and unprofessional.

  6. Shaun King is white on said:

    Will Sherita find justice? No. The police are not filing additional charges for her false allegation. They should, mind you.

  7. Diana on said:

    I agree with Karen’s comments although they may not be worded/ edited like a lawyer’s:).
    If there is ANY justice, Sherita Dixon-Cole NEEDS to be fined and jailed for her lies. Other people who are REALLY VICTIMS of sexual/ physical assault crimes are doubted, exactly because of twisted, sick, lying women like this. She needs to be SCHOOLED!

  8. Eric D Meyers on said:

    It is absolutely reprehensible that a person should be able to get away with such a travesty. It’s bad enough that our men in blue get dragged through the mud, but for false allegations to go unpunished!

  9. Karen on said:

    This stupid b*tch makes it hard on people who REALLY have claims for sexual assault on any woman and man. Where this B8tch draws the line is when (in this day and age where our LEO’s are being EXECUTED on duty) she gives out his NAME!! He runs the risk of getting killed just being in the line of duty, then she goes and pretty much take out a hit on him through social media. It only takes one wacko to come to her rescue and KILL A GOOD COP!! This ho should be arrested and go to prison!! Period. Make her an example of what happens when you lie about a LEO and damage his reputation and almost have him KILLED. PERIOD. F THIS B*TCH.

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