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This week’s match up is between Kelontae Gavin and Uncle Reece. You know the drill! Listen to the songs and then vote for your favorite below.


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18 thoughts on “Holy Grounds! Kelontae Gavin’s ‘No Ordinary Worship’ vs. Uncle Reece’s ‘Love You Forever’

  1. Min. Joseph Holland on said:

    I pray that booth of these young men are blessed accordingly to the will of God. Unity in The Lord God Almighty and never separation. Blessings to all readers and doers of The Most High God we serve!

  2. Traditional and religious songs are not progressive for Christians today! Uncle Reese is is appealing to the masses and not the same old same old sound today that young people can’t relate too! My grandmother loves Kelontae Gavin which is great but but the future church needs more or Reese type worship!

  3. Keshia Elmore on said:

    I tried to vote but couldn’t. I vote for Kelontae Gavin! This song bless my soul. I listen to it every day going To and from work.

    On another note I hope that the way we can vote could be a little more user friendly. I got a little discouraged because I couldn’t cast my vote.

  4. Joshua Askew on said:

    Kelontae Gavin song bless me everyday. To see a young brother my age it helps me keep going in life and I vote KELONTAE GAVIN all the way from North Carolina! ~Joshua Askew

  5. Daineshia Staples on said:

    I’ve tried along with plenty other users to vote with no success. If this counts, I’d like to vote for Kelontae Gavin, something needs to be done to make the voting process more user friendly. It’s really a disservice to the fans of the artists who want to show their support.

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