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The police department in Alpharetta, Georgia have suspended an officer and opened an internal investigation regarding a May 4 traffic stop where a 65-year-old grandmother was pulled from her car.

“I just panicked. I felt like my heart exploded,” Rose Campbell told WSB-TV. “I didn’t expect that in America. I didn’t expect that in Atlanta. I didn’t expect that especially in Alpharetta.”

In the full dash cam video posted by the police department on YouTube, Public Safety Chief John Robison begins by promising “a decisive and appropriate outcome.”

“There are aspects of this video that do not represent who we are as an organization,” Robison says.

According to the police, Campbell was pulled over by officer Michael Swerdlove after she swerved into a second lane while turning, almost causing a collision. Swerdlove is seen approaching the vehicle and then attempts to warrant a citation for the incident. Campbell refused to sign the ticket because she believed it would be an admission of guilt–and that is when things quickly escalated.

“He told me he was giving me a citation for failure to maintain lane.  I said for what?  Everybody does that when a cop gives you a ticket, unless you’re wrong, you’re gonna ask why,” she said.

Swerdlove told her that if she refused to sign the citation she would be arrested. Campbell then attempts to ask for a supervisor, but the officer demands that she gets out of the car to attempt an arrest. Swerdlove is then shown opening Campbell’s door and begins to pull her out.

“No sir, this is abusive behavior,” Campbell can be heard saying at one point in the video. “I’m being abused, I need the supervisor now!” she continues.

As a second cop approaches the car, Campbell continues asking for the supervisor. The cop continues to tug on her, while the second officer begins to attempt to pull her out of the car.

A third officer named James Legg approaches on the passenger’s side, but then walks around to the other two officers who are still pulling on Campbell to get out the car.

As Campbell agrees to get out of the car, Legg walks around to the driver’s side and begins cursing at the woman.

“Hey, you’re not in charge! Shut the f— up and get out the car!” Legg yells at Campbell. Campbell, who is diabetic says she was terrified as they attempted to arrest her.

Legg was suspended as a result of the investigation. Campbell has hired an attorney, but has yet to decide if she wants to take legal action. What she wants is an apology, she told WSB.

“They need to be put on suspension, disciplinary action without pay.  That normally works in the brain,” Campbell said.  “I don’t like the issue of firing people.  I think everyone has a space for redemption.”



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19 thoughts on “Police Suspend Officer After 65-Year-Old Woman Dragged From Car During Traffic Stop

  1. msstarr82 on said:

    Asking why is her right and she should NOT have had any reason to think or feel she was wrong for doing so!! Only in america do you have to say your name is “TOBY” when you were born “KUNTE KINTE” when the overseer demands that you accept HIS degradation and humiliation OR wait on him to kill you. If BLACK while doing anything just STFU and OBEY.

  2. americanize on said:

    First let me say I,m glad she wasn’t beat or killed,race soldiers don,t care if its a black man,woman,child,or grandmother they will kill you.I also feel she should have signed the ticket,when stopped by law enforcers to the best of ur ability,you must make this encounter as short as possible,you’re life depends on it.Black America you have no friends.

  3. This POS PIG SHOULD BE FIRED!!!!!!!!
    There is NO DAMN EXCUSE for dragging a 65 year old woman during a supposed,
    “routine traffic stop.”

    I bet this TURD would not want this to happen to his mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GOD DAMN AMERYKAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Say what on said:

    Both could have handle the situation better. And her being 65 years old does not excuse her behavior either. There are 65 year old criminals smuggling drugs. I think cops should do better but people should not make things worst for themselves either. In court, you mostly likey wont win in front of a jury if they see you behaving like this. I would have signed the ticket and wait to go to court to fight it and not risk being treated like this.

  5. Susie Q on said:

    First off, these police officer’s are trained, they are trained to abuse their authority. That’s why what happened occurred. Even if she refused to sign the ticket he could have done a better job of explaining to her about signing the ticket. A 65 year old woman could be senile. However we as black people just need to do the right thing sometimes and just sign the ticket to get them crooked cops out of our faces so they can shut up and move on. Lots of times it better to just agree and pay a $60 ticket than to pay for a $10,000 funeral arrangements. It’s just a damn ticket it’s not the end of the world for God sakes. Just sign or pay the ticket to get those police to shut up, get out of your face so they can move on.

  6. S.D. on said:

    A minor traffic violation is a misdemeanor and is not an arrestable offense so he misspoke when he said he could arrest her if she did not sign the ticket – that’s first. Second, it does appear the second officer on the scene was attempting to be professional although again, the arrest was not warranted. She did not escalate the situation. She has a right to request a supervisor and he never radioed for a supervisor to come to the scene. He had no probable cause to arrest her. Here again, another officer pissed because they know they have been called out. She did eventually sign the ticket and it should have ended there.

  7. Marilyn on said:

    Why did she have to sign the citation? It does appear to be an admission of guilt and the officer did a poor job of explaining why he was arresting her. When she asked to talk to the supervisor the officer should have waited until that occurred. There was no evidence that this lady was violent. However the officers treated her as if she was on the FBI’s most wanted list. It’s always amazing to me how inadequately trained these officers are. All this over a traffic ticket. When will they learn?

  8. Ted Gravely on said:

    He should have contacted his supervisor. She has a right to request someone in a position of authority. That’s why his behind was suspended and on another site, it indicated that he resigned. Now he must have violated procedures or his boss would not have suspended him. All that cursing was also unprofessional- he is supposed to be the professional, act like it. For folks that violate the rules of the road – you either sign the ticket or the officer can arrest you. Signing the ticket isn’t an acknowledgment of guilt – it simply means that you acknowledge and promise to take care of it (pay fine or contest in court). It’s says that right on the ticket. I’ve won more than I lost in court🤣.

  9. ANThony on said:

    Butter Pecan –> she’s acting more sensible than you for making that dumb af comment. Mac Daddy –Why don’t you ask ya’moms. This woman as a recognizably elder and retired citizen is due an inherent modicum of respect and dignity. She made a reasonable request and instead of deescalating the situation this officer chose not to follow his training and acted in a way that is jeopardizing his career and it serves him justly.

  10. Butter Pecan on said:

    All she had to do was sign the ticket admitting to the infraction she was clearly guilty of, but nooooo, she gotta play the fool.

  11. Mac Daddy on said:

    Does weave give black women some type of super power where they feel they can break the law and not be held accountable?

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