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This is rare. A Georgia police officer who assaulted ex-NFL player Desmond Marrow and he has been fired.

On December 2, Marrow, 29, chased after an unidentified driver who reportedly threw a cup of coffee on his windshield while he was driving on an interstate near his home.  They ended up in a shopping center parking lot in Henry County, just south of Atlanta, and police were called.  Marrow was assaulted by a group of officers, his head was slammed into the back of a truck and he was pinned to the ground while he screamed, “I can’t breathe!” He was choked until he was unconscious. Watch the video below.

Marrow said to CNN.com about the incident, “I couldn’t figure out if I was dying or passing out. It was scary.” He  said he suffered a concussion and lost teeth.

Last week, it was reported one of the officers was put on administrative leave. However, there is even better news today, Officer David Rose was fired. Henry County Police Department said in a statement, “The Internal Affairs investigation revealed that unnecessary force was used by Officer David Rose and that Officer Rose was recorded stating that he choked Mr. Marrow. He was also recorded stating that he was not going to write that information in his report. This statement was recorded on Officer Rose’s in-car video camera system.” The statement continued, “Officer Rose was administratively charged with maltreatment or unnecessary force, and conduct violations, both through departmental policy and county policy. As Chief, I concurred with the findings of the Internal Affairs investigation and terminated Officer Rose’s employment with the Henry County Police Department.” However, their investigation concluded that the other officer, Matt Donaldson, acted “within departmental policy.”

Several charges have been dropped against Desmond Marrow,  including felony obstruction of an officer and making terroristic threats. His misdemeanor charges of reckless and aggressive are still being reviewed.

Chris Stewart, Desmond Marrow’s attorney, told the New York Daily News that the former NFL player “started screaming in joy over the phone.”

Again, this is rare and we are happy Marrow lived through this horrific experience. Let’s hope he will also receive a hefty settlement.



A Police Officer Was Actually Punished For Assaulting A Black Man was originally published on newsone.com

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