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With all of the violent criminals running around rampant who have yet to be arrested and punished for their crimes, it sounds even more ridiculous that a grandmother was arrested for disciplining her granddaughter.

CBS News has all the details about the arrest of 95-year-old Hattie Reynolds, a Florida grandmother who was attempting to discipline her unruly granddaughter when she allegedly hit her with a slipper. According to reports, Reynolds was the one who called the police because she needed help trying to control her granddaughter following an argument.

Via CBS News:

A 95-year-old Florida woman landed in jail after calling police for help during an argument with her defiant granddaughter. Daytona Beach Police Chief Craig Capri tells the Daytona Beach News-Journal that Hattie Reynolds probably wasn’t a threat, but her admission of slapping her granddaughter in the face with a slipper qualified as domestic violence.

An arrest report says Reynolds told police Saturday that she wanted 46-year-old Janeen Williams out of her house because she was in bed soaking up the air conditioning Reynolds pays for. When Williams began screaming and swearing at her, Reynolds said she slapped her with the slipper.

While her arrest was totally uncalled for, there was a positive outcome to the situation. Reynolds was placed in jail for the night, however according to police records she was released on her own recognizance.



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7 thoughts on “95-Year-Old Grandmother Arrested For Slapping Granddaughter With A Slipper

  1. Conrad K Amerson on said:

    Pathetic!!! A summons could have been issued or a mere verbal warning. Personally, I am fed up with the division by police, in handling these small matters.

  2. A Gppd Catholic Girl on said:

    These United States have some of the most enept law enforcement personnel in the world. I guess the man at the top — the president — is leading this ignorance. Yale graduate student was harrassed by police because a racist white student didn’t believe a black person would be letigimately enrolled at the university. And how about the Starbucks matter, and how about the Waffle House situation, and how about all the other situations?

  3. Tina on said:

    The officer who arrested her should be jailed, the Granddaughter who is living off her grandmother should be in jail. The only person the should not be in jail is the great looking 94 year old grand mother…So sorry for her inconvenience.

  4. WTF??????
    Really, arresting a 95 year old grandmother who was DEFENDING herself from an UNRULY

    Florida law enforcement HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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