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“If I were going to do it, I would do it because I would think I would have concluded that I could maybe unify the country, because it’s bigger than any one person.” – Eric Holder

Eric Holder may run for president in 2020.

Holder, the nation’s first African-American U.S. Attorney General, recently admitted that he’s considering challenging President Donald Trump for the White House.

“I’m thinking about it but I have not made any determinations,” Holder told MSNBC. He added: “Our democracy is under attack.”

Holder, who served as Attorney General during the Obama administration, would be a welcomed entry into the presidential race – America needs an adult with intelligence, integrity and honesty in Oval Office and, like former President Barack Obama, Holder possesses all of those character traits.

Pundits say Holder’s June 1 appearance at the annual “Politics and Eggs Breakfast” in New Hampshire could signal Holder’s intention to run for the White House in a bid to become America’s second African-American president.

New Hampshire is a small but very important state for presidential politics. Past speakers at the New Hampshire breakfast include President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

Last month, on the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination, Holder spoke passionately about the ongoing crusade for social justice.

“We’re still marching, we are still striving, and we’re still calling on our nation’s leaders to act with a sense of justice, compassion and common humanity,” Holder told a crowd in Memphis, Tennessee. “The unfortunate fact is that in 2018, America’s long struggle to overcome injustice, to eliminate disparities and eradicate violence has not yet ended, and the age of bullies and bigots is not fully behind us.”

And during an April appearance for Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network’s annual conference, Holder sounded very much like a candidate on the stump.

The audience cheered “Run, Eric, Run!” after Sharpton jokingly said he “heard Eric Holder was running for president.”

Holder wasted no time tearing into the Trump’s White House.

“The present administration wants to take us back to the failed leadership of the past,” Holder said. “They’re not being tough on crime. They’re not being smart on crime. They’re being dumb on crime. [The] formerly incarcerated continue to face significant obstacles, and they now face a hostile administration intent on making law enforcement an instrument of the fear they use to divide and try to govern us.”

As the nation’s top lawyer, Holder, a father, and self-described social activist, championed Obama’s signature program — “My Brother’s Keeper” – designed to uplift the nation’s Black boys and young men of color.

Several years ago, I secured one of Holder’s last lengthy sit-down interviews before he resigned from the U.S. Department of Justice.

I spent an hour with Holder in his office talking about criminal justice reform, Black boys, fatherhood, civil rights, voting rights, and Obama’s legacy.

“When we think about the legacy of this President, I think this will be one of those critical parts,” Holder told me.

“I think to put the full weight of the presidency and the federal government behind an effort that is directed at a community within our nation that has for too long at best been forgotten and at worse mistreated, to mobilize the weight of the federal government is something that will serve him well as history judges him,” Holder said.

I followed Holder’s career as Attorney General. Obama and Holder were a formidable team.

It was inspiring to watch two of the most powerful Black men in the nation working together as a political tag team to openly criticize misguided Republicans who were bent on blocking Obama’s legislative agenda.

Holder, like Obama, usually took the high road. He largely ignored Republican low-blows, snide remarks, disrespectful racial jokes, and downright lies.

He told the truth and stood for equality for all Americans and often spoke out about empowering African-Americans who faced discrimination.

The 2020 presidential campaign is a long way off, but Trump has already announced his intention to run for re-election although most Republican congressional leaders have not committed to Trump’s candidacy.

Holder, I believe, would be an impressive opponent and he’s everything Trump isn’t: He is a smart lawyer, he understands complex legislative policies; he has a proven track record for managing a large government agency; he is a steadfast advocate for civil rights; he has compassion for all of America’s citizens; he is a bridge-builder — and he doesn’t tweet nonsense every day.

It’s too early to make endorsements for president, but since Holder said he’s considering throwing his hat in the ring, I say toss it early and often.

What do you think?

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23 thoughts on “Is Eric Holder A Legitimate Hope For President In 2020?

  1. Mac Daddy on said:

    That whoosh you just heard was Obama’s fake legacy being flushed down the toilet. Hillary still can’t figure out why she lost the election. Trump just figured out how to unify the Korean peninsula

  2. Kipsog on said:

    This is what I think! “America needs an adult with intelligence, integrity and honesty in the Oval Office” and I couldn’t have put it any better. “Someone who doesn’t tweet nonsense every day” I whole-heartedley agree. Hell forget the color! We NEED someone like this man QUICKLY! I’d vote for him in a NY minute.

  3. Being what the RACIAL climate in Amerykah now is–

    white folks hardly TOLERATED BARACK H. OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. SheCat54 on said:

    Yeah, another half breed that ain’t going to do a dam thing for brown skin people. (not mexicans) Maxine Waters will be getting my vote because ain’t no strong brown skin men out there to represent us. He didn’t do nothing when he had his position but, look like a scared mouse. My parents were brown skin, one of his is a peckerwood and the other is black. Believe it or not there is a difference. Wake up brown skin people and let’s vote for our truly first brown skin president Maxine Waters 2020.

  5. Passing Through!! on said:

    When trump gets impeached or is forced to resign the racist will be very angry at the fact the he failed coming into office on the heels of a successful black president. That might hurt Eric Holder because white supremacist don’t care about right or wrong they just want to be in charge. Even it means having a mentally-ill pathological liar, treasonous traitor in office who is white, they’re okay with that. They want trump to win so bad they’ll hype up any small achievement as a major victory. This Russian scandal is getting worse everyday, I can’t wait until Mueller finally drops the hammer on trump.

    • Sad to say when they do drop the hammer on his bitch ass the republuthugs will turn a blind eye. The bitches did everything to obstruct Obama but their bitch asses are falling all over their selves to appease their fake prez.

  6. americanize on said:

    Don’t waste ur time responding to jpuff he’s a white supremacist troll,white supremacist are locked into their racist thinking,nothing you are I say will change that.They talked the same sh*t,black on black crime,what Obama did,the dem plantation.But you notice with white supremist there’s never a solution to racism.Now as far as holder go’s when its official that he’s going to run I’ll through my 2 cents in.

    • jhuff on said:

      Annnnnd Obama did what to end racism cause it exploded under his admin and all blacks got was Obama phones and welfare

      • americanize on said:

        I never thought I would agree with a racist idiot,You’re right jpuff racism exploded under Obama,and that’s b/c all white devils across America wants to send a message to black folks,a black president means nothing we still rule he’s just a ni**a in the white house.

      • Mac Daddy on said:

        Don’t forget Cash for Clunkers. That surely gave him street cred worldwide.

  7. Perry on said:

    You idiot, you believe Obama was a feckless president. You want to see fecklessness, look at the current administration. Your ignorance is bliss!

    • jhuf on said:

      And if a moron like you would pull your head out of your azz you would see headlines today where 3 US citizens are on their way back to the U.S. from NK thanks to Trump and not the boy poising in the weeds for some dumb azz presidential portrait

      • Bitch get the funk off this website. If you think anyone on this website, besides your ignorant ass will ever praise that birther Buffon in the WH your s**t out of luck. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN HERE!!!! I don’t give a damn what that racist bitch does. I have zero respect for him. This racist country will never vote for another blk man.

      • jhuf on said:

        Oh ok I guess this is the website where the plantation blacks sit around an BS each other into believing that under the Obama 8 blacks lived like they were lining in Wakanda BTW I here sh!thole country’s like Haiti with their black prodominants doesn’t have racial issues (flights leaving daily) perhaps when you get there if you close your eyes and think hard enough

      • Mac Daddy on said:

        Feckless may be giving him credit. His foreign policy was to pay $ billions to anyone who threatened America. Like a little coward giving away his lunch money on the playground. Except it was taxpayers lunch money he gave away.

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