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Donald Glover “This Is America”

In a world where Ben Carson, Omarosa Manigault and now Kanye West have been somewhat thriving and using their platform in support of an administration that doesn’t support Black people, you have to wonder what else is coming our way.

From problems of police brutality to issues of racial discrimination like the Starbucks incident and more, America has not been very good to African-Americans.

And now Kanye West comes along adding fuel to fire with what seems to be his unwavering support of Donald Trump (which he is entitled to but has entered that space entirely wrong) through his thoughtless comment on slavery being a choice, it’s no surprise that the Black community needed something to combat this warped ideology

While Kanye was trying to rub the idea of “Make America Great Again” in our face, Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover came out with a solid of illustration of what it looks like with This Is America.

In the middle of hosting Saturday Night Live, Glover dropped his newest single along with a music video that everybody was not ready for, but truly needed.

From the beginning to finish, the video depicted real-life scenes of innocent Black people getting shot as a very sobering representation of what America has seen today. All the while the video featured a constant state of chaos in the background as it followed Glover.

You also may have noticed Glover’s dancing scenes with a group of kids throughout the video which according to Blavity, is inspired by a South African dancing style.

Twitter exploded, praising Glover for his amazing and keen eye and read that was so eloquently put inside a four-minute and five-second video. Also, don’t sleep on the lyrics because they packed a powerful message.

“Black Man Black man, Black man… get your money… Black man, Black man… get your money… Black man, Black man.. get your money… Black man, Black man… GET DOWN,” can be clearly heard towards the end of the song.

Or, “You just a Black man in this world. You just a bar code aye. You just a Black man in this world.” Lyrics that we already know what it means when we hear it.

On top of it all, Glover did this without mentioning Donald Trump or ever really entering the conversation of Kanye West.

It’s unfortunate that Kanye felt the need to say the things that he did, but now I’m partially glad that he did. He just set it up so that Glover could drop some real knowledge. Not Kanye knowledge, real knowledge.



(Photo Credit: YouTube)