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Kelis is opening up about the mental and physical abuse she allegedly suffered while married to Nas. According to a recent interview with Jason Lee, founder of Hollywood Unlocked, Kelis revealed she was going to reveal her own bruises when Rihanna and Chris Brown’s domestic violence incident went public.

“It reminded me of Rihanna. I remember so clearly when the pictures came out, with that whole thing that happened with her and Chris Brown” she said. “The only way I could describe it was like double dutch. I was like do I jump in? I had bruises all over my body at that point.”

The Milkshake singer said she didn’t say anything because she wasn’t “ready to walk” and that she’s “really private.”


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HU Staff: Jerosyln Johnson @jeroslyndiva Singer/songwriter turned chef Kelis has finally broken her silence on her violent marriage with legendary rapper Nas and the current status of their custody battle. ___________________________________________________ In an exclusive interview with Hollywood Unlocked CEO Jason Lee, the “Milkshake” singer got candid about what led to her divorcing the “Illmatic” rapper while she was pregnant with their son Knight. “There was a lot of mental and physical abuse”, Kelis said. ___________________________________________________ Kelis also revealed why she has chosen to stay silent on their relationship. Since becoming a chef and launching her successful brand Bounty & Full, the mother of two has been busy living her best life with her husband and two sons, Knight, 8, and Sheperd, 2. “I’m living my life. I’m cooking. I’m raising my kids and I’m very private.” the “Food” singer said. ___________________________________________________ Read more at, link in bio.

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Kelis also talked about the bitter custody battle between she and Nas. “The whole thing is ridiculous,” she said.

“It’s not about not allowing you to see him You can’t not see him for months then show up when you’re ready to see him and regulate.”

She added, “he shows up when it’s fun. He shows up when there’s a good photo opp.”

What made her come forward now? “I woke up this morning and I was like I can’t anymore,” she admitted. Kelis revealed details  about their fights saying Nas would get so drunk he’d black out. They would fight all night and wake up in the morning like nothing happened.

She talks about their relationship around the 15 minute mark.


Kelis’ admission comes on the heels of video footage that exposed the volatile relationship between rapper Fabolous and Emily B. Fans have begun to troll Nas’ comments section calling him a “woman beater.”

Nas has yet to respond to the Kelis’ claims.

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2 thoughts on “Kelis Reveals Nas Was Physically Abusive During Their Marriage

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    Uh no. If you’re private, keep private. If he was beating your arse, call the police when he goes to sleep or call your girl and move out when he goes on tour. You did none of that and now how can he defend himself. Then people already on his page calling him a woman beater. Can we wait until he responds? Oh and why should she regulate. Don’t they have a custody agreement? If the agreement says he sees his son every weekend and he misses 2 weekends in a row – he can call and say I’m showing up next weekend. It’s not her decision to say, “no.” It’s the court. Don’t interfere with that man’s relationship with his child. He doesn’t have to do what you want. Come on black women, support that relationship. If the man isn’t abusive to his child, stop interfering. That’s why Luda, DWade and other men have custody of their kids. Stop trying to make value decisions for them. I support my sisters, but I’m struggling with this one.

    • Suckmyass on said:

      I hope you and your children get beaten up so you can see how it feels you crazy ass bitch (I know you’re a male btw)

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