Morning Minute: Melania Trump Looked Real Happy Next To Barack Obama


4/23/18- While attending the funeral of former first lady Barbara Bush over the weekend, Melania Trump attended without Donald Trump. The internet couldn’t help but notice how happy she looked sitting next to Barack Obama. Really, who wouldn’t be happy sitting next to Obama!



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3 thoughts on “Morning Minute: Melania Trump Looked Real Happy Next To Barack Obama

  1. Phyllis on said:

    She can smile and be as charmed as she wants but Mrs. Obama was right there. Nothing going on there. President Obama just being his usual charming self which made her relax. The Obamas are solid and only have eyes for each other.

  2. Melania was simply happy to be away from her asshole husband, Chump.
    She always looks as if she is MISERABLE with him.

    As for Melania being happy sitting next to Barack-that’s all well and good-but
    she don’t want Michelle coming for her. Mrs. O luvs some Barack!!!!!!!!!! —
    AIN’T NO FOREIGN WHITE chick coming between them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You bet your sweet bippy Melania was happy sitting nxt to Obama. Black men – especially of Mr. Obama’s caliber- are like catnip to white women. He probably charmed her “delicates” right out from under her!!!

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