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Micheal Brown, a brilliant high school senior, is still waiting for a formal apology from Fox News – and he certainly deserves it.

Brown has been offered a full ride in scholarships to 20 different colleges, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford – but his celebration was somewhat dampened after Fox anchors in Washington, D.C. called Brown “obnoxious” for applying to so many colleges.

Fox 5 D.C. co-anchor Holly Morris and contributor Sarah Fraser criticized Brown, who is African-American, and accused him of holding potential college slots hostage for other deserving students.

“It’s a little ridiculous that this kid applied to 20 taking away a spot and basically wait-listing another kid,” Fraser said earlier this month.

“I think it’s a little obnoxious because you can only go to one,” Morris added. “You can only take one full ride and you are taking a spot from someone else who worked really hard.”

Brown is simply asking for an apology. Why shouldn’t Brown apply to as many colleges as he chooses? He has worked hard in high school to earn his 4.68 GPA and the bright 17-year-old wants the best college education available to him. Shouldn’t Brown be praised for being accepted into America’s top colleges?

This is an uplifting story, a tale of inspiration. The video of Brown celebrating with friends went viral and many people, Black and white, enthusiastically supported Brown on Twitter.

Even former President Bill Clinton reached out to congratulate him.

“What an incredible accomplishment, Michael,” he wrote on Twitter. “Follow your heart and your head, your future is incredibly bright. I can’t wait to see what comes next.”

“If you want to talk about Georgetown,” Clinton wrote, “give me a call.”

Fox News commentators on national prime time shows have consistently railed against affirmative action policies for college students and they have criticized poor African-Americans.

Now, here’s Brown, a young man who has earned the right to apply to the colleges of his choosing and yet he is criticized for being smart, assertive and self-motivated.

Would Morris and Fraser take Brown to task if Brown was white? Morris said, through Twitter, that she would have scolded Brown even if he was white. We’ll never know. Fraser issued an apology to Brown on Twitter, but Morris has not  and neither has Fox DC 5.

The issue over the number of colleges that Brown applied to is not the story. The story is how this bright young man will enter one of America’s top colleges in the fall — for free— because of his academic acumen. Brown is a role model for other high schools around Houston and across the country.

For Fox anchors, criticizing Brown is shameful and undermines his incredible achievement.

“My disappointment was with the language used to describe me, a minor. To call someone obnoxious and annoying,” Brown told Newsweek. “I cannot change how someone thinks, but how someone presents their opinion is important and they just presented it poorly.”

Brown’s mother, Berthinia Rutledge-Brown, told Newsweek she would also like to see her son get an apology over the incident.

“It would just be the right thing to do, period,” Rutledge-Brown said.

Brown has been accepted to the following universities: Harvard University, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Northwestern University, Georgetown University, Vanderbilt University, Johns Hopkins University, Pomona College, Claremont McKenna College, Williams College, University of Texas-Austin, University of California-Berkeley, Amherst, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Tulane University, University of Michigan, UC-Davis and UC-Irvine and Stanford University.

The brainy teen said Morris and Fraser should “maybe next time think a little bit more before you act or say something and just consider the person on the other side.”

Brown deserves an apology from Fox – but he doesn’t need it. He’ll do just fine.

What do you think?

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49 thoughts on “Fox Anchors Call Black Student Accepted To 20 Colleges ‘Ridiculous’

  1. Maurice on said:

    It’s funny how black athletes are courted by multiple schools all the time..however, no one says that’s ridiculous. I guess when it comes to academics, some people have an issue. Congrats to this young man!

  2. Susie Q on said:

    Y’all know that we as black people have been up against evil spirits and demons and racist demons for centuries. These people are not even aware their being used by Satan to say such things and Satan knows what makes us upset. This young man is blessed by God, so he doesn’t need to be concerned about what a demon is saying. When God is for you, you don’t have to worry who’s against you. Amen!! We just need to make sure our souls are right with Jesus so we won’t die and go to hell with these racist demons. Amen!

  3. JJeffery Muhammad on said:

    This is EXACTLY why we need to separate from this group of Sociopaths called European Americans. A L L of our Black Children are this brilliant-They are just born into a Psychopathic system of things that CONSTANTLY tell them that they are NOT!! We as Black People need to realize that NO MATTER what we achieve in their world, we will be resented for it. To hell with the FOX NEWS’ (and others’) genetically recessive, neanderthals’ comments. It is like they are trying to put the Light of the Sun out by blowing at it.

    • Yall sure give white people a lot of power they shouldn’t have. What good would an apology do and why does it matter what they think? But we have our own that will attack the young man for acting white. Stop giving power to others and do what you know is right in life.

  4. Eve1128 on said:

    This young man’s accomplishment is beyond awesome! I know he is destined to do great things in the future. As for Holly Morris and Fox 5, I wouldn’t even worry about them. There will always be negativity when you are on the road to greatness. Don’t even respond to stuff like this. It’s clear that you don’t need their validation for anything. Continue to pursue your dreams and be GREAT! When they go low, continue to go high.

  5. Young man never expect an apologize from anyone. You know your worth, and people with negative remarks remember they are who they are and you can’t change that. Even if they apologize it doesn’t change what they have already said. KEEP STRIVING FOR GREATNESS. AND LET THE HATERS KEEP HATING!

  6. Amber on said:

    She is a @#$%. What this kid is doing will not take anything away from another kid. Foxnews always put a stupid token n@#$%@ to speak against a black/African American in hope to bring that person down. Wont work.

  7. Kellygirl on said:

    Isn’t that considered defamation of character Fox News should hurry up an issue and apology before they have to speak with YOUR attorney.

  8. LOIS PERCELL on said:

    Lois Percell on April 20,2018 1043 pm said with your smarts,why would you need an apology from fools at FOX News.Choose your college and go on with you life.Much blessings to you.

  9. Ms. Ann on said:

    Ignore them. Do not waste your time seeking an empty apology. As someone once told me , “Better the Devil you know than the one you don’t. “

  10. prerog on said:

    Congratulations to the young Black man who has disproved the stereotypes and I wish him much success. To the journalist: the only thing funny is that you represent a news channel.

  11. Black don’t crack baby on said:

    How can two old hags be jealous of an intellectual beautiful African prince? Oh yes, his intelligence got him into 20 prestigious colleges and their less than intelligent kids, nieces, nephews or cousins couldn’t get into any of them. 😂😂😂

  12. Marcelina Williams on said:

    Beloved no this AS LONG AS GOD BE FOR IT’S BETTER THAN THE WHOLE WORLD AGAINST YOU. Don’t worry about apologies your work speaks for itself. Rest assure my brother you have great things ahead of you. Keep GOD first in your life and don’t sweat the trivial ant size talk. You in a position to take their jobs but, who would want chopped liver instead of filet mignon. Know this they are going to follow you day by day just to say “I knew it just another big mistake”. WRONG REMARK AGAIN. CONGRATULATIONS MAY GOD FOREVER BE WITH YOU!

  13. MamaMama on said:

    His acceptance into those colleges is wonderful,amazing,exciting!!!!! And,fuck Fox News!!!! They are liars, anyway!!!!

  14. Edwin Cooke III on said:

    Congratulations. Hope the best for as a young, bright African American man. Sometimes, success is the best revenge. The Fox journalists have the problem, not you. Over thirty years ago, I was accepted into four or five schools, and had to think very seriously about which one was the best for me. And. I did not get scholarships to any one of them. Fortunately, you getting full scholarships will take the economics out of the equation. Enjoy your college years, even if William and Mary is not one of the choices. Graduating with little or no student dent will be the best revenge, and hopefully you will have a wonderful start in either your career or graduate school. PS, I hope you think about majoring in geography, anthropology, history, or Africana studies, but nevertheless, enjoy your undergraduate career.

  15. Donielle Madaris on said:

    Congratulations to this young man. He doesn’t need validation from two very bias reporters. Sounds like their upset an African-American male did something they couldn’t do.

  16. JOHN CARR on said:

    Congrats to you, Michael Brown. I hope you go as far as you can in life. As for Fox News, well, all I can say is there’s some news stations out there that’s totally idiots. You don’t need their apology, you have the rest of us behind you!

  17. Congratulations to you Mr. Brown. They may be just jealous. Keep your head up and make sure they know all the great things that’s about to happen in your life.

  18. Christianforreal on said:

    RACE hating as usual! See, if this young had applied to just a few, 2-3 schools, and was accepted in the same manner, it would have been easy to say that affirmative action or some other method that did not involve his intelligence and good grades, may have been used. Or maybe the schools used some form of sliding scale or curve to increase his chances of acceptance. However, by him applying and being accepted to so many schools, schools that require hard work and a good brain, schools that sliding scales and grading curves wouldn’t get you into at this great a number, there was no other way to criticize and belittle this young man except to attempt to make it seem ridiculous for him to apply to so many. None of us could attend more than one school at a time, however we all applied to more than one. Even with his academic record he had no idea which school would Accept him and/or offer him a full-ride, if any funds for school, at all.
    We should pray for these people at Fox News. Keep them in your hearts and pray for God’s Grace and Mercy in their lives.

  19. Shame on an insensitive FOX. Kudos to Michael’s scatter gun approach to going to college. He should have aimed a bit wider at Morehouse, Lincoln U of MO, Michigan State, and Drake. Good Luck Michael in all bright future endeavors!

  20. Tee mac on said:

    If FOX and their affiliates are slamming you and your Great accomplishments…… Mr Brown your doing something Fantastic, keep giving them something to talk about….. Congrats, keep them hating!!! You’ve arrived

    • Christ like for real on said:

      It’s a shame! And so called Christians support this racist station. They never call foul on any of their racist views. Which makes me question their Christianity. I don’t support so called Christians who support FOX news. They are all racist hypocrites! John the Baptist would call them vipers in his day!

  21. I agree with kare#1221, be careful Ms. Morris and Ms Fraser. By the way how many cllleges did you apply too? Can these unprofessionals think back that far. Mr. Brown Congratulations, You and your parents are awesome.

  22. Chris Mason on said:

    Those creeps bitch, criticize and complain no matter what we do!!! To hell with them and you go boy!!! Congrats!

  23. I personally don’t think Michael Brown nor his mother should demand or require an apology from these people because nine times out of ten it would not even be close to sincere. I totally congratulate you on your achievements. I think you will inspire many more young people to put forth their best efforts to accomplish the same.

  24. Tina Hampton on said:

    I don’t see how that’s taking a spot from someone else, whatever he doesn’t accept can go to the next person

  25. So this wasn’t “fox news” but a local affiliate in DC (just like ABC,NBC,CBS) unfortunately the way this article was written many readers weren’t smart enough to figure that out

  26. I could have sworn that Sarah Fraser apologized and Michael accepted her apology. It is on her twitter page. But Holly Morris is a real piece of work and refuses to apologize. I would update this story with the correct information.

  27. billy r brown on said:

    i congradulate Mr Brown the fact that is bright and talented. Its a shame that this nation can’t come together as one,nation under God as our pledge of alliance says…will we ever get over color?!

  28. DWebster on said:

    Unfortunately, racism is alive and well. My young Brother, be proud – don’t look for any apologies, just go out and prove them wrong.You are a Brilliant young Black Man who will do great things and shame these haters. We are proud of you – keep on doing good.

  29. My Opinion on said:

    Blessings to the young Mr. Brown on his intelligence and accomplishments. The bottom line is so many white bigots can’t stand to see intelligent Black people, they feel threatened and they hate it when we succeed.

  30. I’ve never watched this news channel. From what everyone says about it, I’m not missing anything. Sounds like Ms. Morris and Ms. Fraser are suffering from intelligence envy. They’d better be careful about the word vomit they spew toward young Mr. Brown. He may very well become their employer in the future. Oustanding, young man!

  31. Tiana Nonbasic on said:

    Fox News is the devil and they are consistently promoting racism and fake NEWS in this country. I refuse to watch Fox News. #BoycottFOXNEWS end of story if you continue to watch it stop complaining about how they are broadcasting their views.

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