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The Wedding Ringer Red Carpet/Kevin Hart & Josh Gad

Kevin Hart

When Starbucks had two Black men arrested for sitting inside one of their Philadelphia stores, the nation got mad. Many have come out condemning the action by Starbucks and police for arresting the young men waiting to meet a friend.

This incident has also grabbed the attention of celebrities and journalists everywhere, with the likes of Questlove, Joy Reid and Kevin Hart according to Eater.

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14 thoughts on “Kevin Hart Disagrees With Boycotting Starbucks

  1. JustbeingmeI on said:

    I think it’s about the principle of it. Ok the owner or manager of Starbucks may not have known that one of there employees was racist. The point is they should set an example to let other franchises know that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated anywhere. So Kevin has his opion . I feel if he or one of his family members was put in this position he would want to boycott. If it was a black establishment and it was a white person being treated in this way even though black people are not that evil the white ppl would want to burn down the place. Why blk people always have to turn the other cheek .

  2. Christianforreal on said:

    Wow, you guys are very harsh. I agree with Kevin. This was one person’s feelings. She used her position at Starbucks to push her agenda, as many people do with their jobs and/or positions. Starbuck would be responsible if they knew of this young lady’s feelings and did nothing about it. They would be responsible and should be boycotted , if they defended and backed her and her racist agenda. Their may be some one in you employ who is racist and if they spout their feelings, should your place of business be boycotted or shut down. I don’t think so, but if you support it, then yes you should face the consequences of losing business because of it. Starbucks said they do not condone that behavior, nor will they continue to employ those who display and speak of such hateful behavior. See you can’t know how I feel about a particular group unless I somehow express those feelings and that’s the same with Starbucks. And apparently, those at the top aren’t condoning this behavior and has already initiated change. They nor, Kevin Hart should be boycotted. Kevin has an opinion, just as you do!!

  3. Cynthia Feaster on said:

    Let’s BOYCOTT STARBUCKS until these Black men get justice and are financially compensated by the City of Philadelphia AND the Starbucks corporation. I already started in my city.

  4. Cynthia Feaster on said:

    A shut up you self-hating boot licking sellout buffoon. ALL BLACK PEOPLE SHOULD BOYCOTT ALL KEVIN HART CONCERTS. He feels nothing for BLACK men being treated inhumanely by the cops. He feels nothing for BLACK men being falsely arrested. He don’t care if they were embarrassed and humiliated FOR NO GOOD REASON. He doesn’t care if these men were racially profiles. Kevin Hart I a short little loud mouth runt who thinks that his money and silly movies have made him “white” and far removed from racism. Let’s make this traitor to our race poor by BOYCOTTING ALL MOVIES AND PRODUCTS ASSOCIATED WITH KEVIN HART. WE NEED UNITY TO HIT BACK AGAINST RACISM not stupid insane comments from a “village idiot.”

    • Tiana Nonbasic on said:

      I agree. I don’t go to Kevin Hart shows or watch his movies since he made that Dark-Skinned women comment because my daughters are dark-skinned, most of the women in my family are and all of my #dayones girlfirends are dark-skinned but my husband does support Kevin so as you said people do not stand together and they have their own opinions. I also do not go to Starbucks before this happened and I use to love their Strawberry frappes but I had my own racist encounter with a Starbucks employee. NOW I MAKE MY OWN STRAWBERRY FRAPPES OK!

  5. Debrah Williams on said:

    shut it down. Kevin Hart is entitled to his opinion. He is not going to boycott nothing. Shut it down and hit them in the pocket….. This incident was grossly negligent and cause 2 people time money and embarrassment ……bias bias bias…..Shut it down.

  6. Latine M Halstead on said:

    Kevin Hart would never agree to boycott. He sells himself to the highest bidder. He wasn’t even insulted when CBS execs said this.

  7. Mia.P on said:

    Let’s hope they get it together with the class they want everyone to take and that manager should not be able to go to another store she need to be fired and let’s hope they hire more people of color. And people remember you have to have in your heart it’s nothing they can teach you . Pray that the hateful racist stuff stop. Black Lives Matters.

  8. Ted Gravely on said:

    Kevin is entitled to have an opinion. Now he may have ties or stock in Starbucks and that could slant his view. Or like he said, money sticks with money. Oops, no he is looking at it from a CEO perspective. Well I agree with Kevin but our reasons are a tad different. I’m not boycotting Starbucks this time. I want Starbucks a major employer to change its policies and ensure that managers are clear on implicit bias. Ensure minorities are appropriately represented. The heat should be on employment and policy changes. Sit ins and boycotts may cause reductions or loss of jobs that could impact the very people you’re trying to help. For all those that choose to boycott, best of luck, but don’t block my way when I’m trying to get my morning java.

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