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The nation learned of yet again a horrible injustice done against African-Americans. This time it was at a Philadelphia Starbucks that had two Black men arrested for sitting inside the café.

DL talks with Quincy Harris of Fox 29 News in Philadelphia about the current mood of the city.

“So yesterday Asa Kalise from the Black Lives Coalition he had a protest at the Starbucks which this happened,” explained Harris. “Basically everyone is super mad, they’re super mad about the situation.”

Many people wanted to know what happened to the Starbucks manager who called the cops on these young men.

“What happened is now the manager that called the police on these two gentlemen has now stepped down. She doesn’t work for Starbucks anymore,” explained Harris.

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One thought on “What Is Philadelphia’s Mood Following The Starbucks Incident?

  1. SOS–it is not the “City of Brotherly Love, Sisterly Affection.”
    That is a bogus slogan.
    This city is very UGLY when it comes to racial issues and how they are NOT resolved!!!!!!!

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