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Actor/activist Jesse Williams is back in court again over the seemingly never-ending child support issues between him and his soon-to-be ex-wife over their two children.

The as-yet-to-be-finalized divorce between Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee has been nothing but drama from the moment the couple spilt over a year ago and just continues to get worse. TMZ is reporting that Drake-Lee is requesting an increase in child support needed to raise the couple’s two young children.

Via TMZ:

Jesse Williams’ estranged wife has gone to court asking for more money to support their 2 kids, TMZ has learned.

Aryn Drake-Lee filed docs claiming the $50,695 per month Jesse’s been ordered to fork over in spousal support falls way short of covering expenses for their kids, ages 4 and 2.  In the docs, Aryn says she’s paying 100% of the kids’ bills right now … including clothes, food, traveling outside L.A. to visit family, swimming and dance lessons, child care and tuition. Aryn says that pushes expenses to $73,369 per month. 

Aryn claims Jesse can afford it since he makes at least $250k per “Grey’s Anatomy” episode, so she wants to be reimbursed for what she’s had to cover so far.

That’s not all, since Drake-Lee stressed that she is paying 100% of the kids’ bills, she also wants Williams to cough up $200K to cover her legal fees. Williams previously agreed to pay $50K of her legal fees, however clearly that isn’t even close to what her legal bills have amounted to.



Jesse Williams’ Soon-To-Be Ex-Wife Takes Him Back To Court For More Child Support was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

One thought on “Jesse Williams’ Soon-To-Be Ex-Wife Takes Him Back To Court For More Child Support

  1. Tysa McNair on said:

    She really needs to quit being a GREEDY BITCH. If they were an ordinary divorcing couple, both incomes would be considered in the decision of support. There is NO WAY in he’ll that it takes that much money to support 2 small children. If she doesn’t work, she DOESN’T NEED CHILD CARE, if she’s been a stay at home Mom, especially. Because U 2 didn’t work out, is not a reason to be BITCH. Go to work, you’ve been a leech for long enough and that goes for any celebrity stay at home wife.

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