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Aryn Drakelee-Williams and Jesse Williams 

Jesse Williams‘ ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee is asking the court for more in child support for their kids.

Drake-Lee filed court documents saying that the $50,695 she receives from Williams monthly in spousal support is nowhere near enough for taking care of their two and four-year-old kids according to TMZ

She says she’s paying 100% of the bills for the kids which include, “clothes, food, traveling outside L.A. to visit family, swimming and dance lessons, child care and tuition.” All adding up to $73,369 a month according to Drake-Lee.

Drake-Lee claims Williams makes $250,000 from each episode of Grey’s Anatomy and that he can afford to give her more and cover what she’s had to pay already. In addition to that, she wants $200,000 to cover her legal bills.


Child Support Payments of the Rich & Famous
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(Source: TMZ)

(Photo by Stefanie Keenan/WireImage)

15 thoughts on “Jesse Williams’ Ex Wants More Than The $50k She Gets In Child Support

  1. If you can’t raise 2 damn kids on $50k A MONTH!!! You are an idiot and don’t deserve to have primary custody of those kids. You’re obviously living above your means. I hope you don’t get SHT!!!!

  2. Marisol Davis on said:

    I could do wonders with 50000 a month. My children would live great and do a lot plus have money in their bank accounts with that kind of money. I only get 189. A month for 3 and he’s 3000 behind on that. She’s just greedy

  3. Child support is determined by the parties income. It’s not she is thirsty, it’s because he makes so much and that’s what it should be. Is the total of $50,000 only child support or is it also spousal support? Those are two different issues

  4. Christianforreal on said:

    Please believe, young Black women, this isn’t a Black thing. This is a greed thing and White women were doing it WAY before our men had the money for us to try it. However, I think she is totally and in what world can’t she live well, taking care of two small children with $50,000, especially if she adds that to her own salary!!! Whether she was there at the beginning of his career or not, she still needs to get a job to help support her children and add that to whatever her husband pays to SUPPORT the children. Both parents are supposed to supply aid to raise their children.

  5. $50k per month????? Dayum!!! I can’t get court ordered minimum wage of $300 per month that’s currently over $25k in arrears. She’s Blessed she’s getting that much in California. He’s paying too much if she cut that $75k in half. I guess I got the wrong judge.

  6. Marion on said:

    Check the facts. She was with him before he got large. Why get mad because she knows what she invested in their relationship and family? If Mariah can get $10 million+ for not marrying a man, why can’t Jesse’s ex get compensated for her years vested in a marriage?

  7. Why is she being so damn greedy?
    It doesn’t take 50K or more to raise two small kids.
    She just wants to continue LIVING LARGE on Jesse’s $$$$$.

    Get up off your lazy ass and go to work!
    God bless the child that’s got their own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She is a perfect example of why most men of color refuse to even pay any child support!!!!!!!!!

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