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My son has already had the HPV vaccination. I’m in my 50’s and never had the vaccination can I still get the vaccination?

At age 50 years old, you have almost certainly already been exposed to the HPV virus and getting the HPV vaccine at this point will not likely be effective. If you feel you are still at risk of getting reinfected with HPV, talk with your doctor about your situation and together you can make the best decision for you.

I have a history of fibroids and would like to find an African American female GYN that specializes in the treatment of fibroids. Can you recommend a directory or site to find a physician?

Although I can’t give you specific names, go to the website of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists at for help with locating a specialist for fibroids. To help find a gyn cancer surgeon, try the Society of Gynecologic Oncology at . And to learn more about fibroids especially as they affect women of color, please check out at .

I had a hysterectomy. Now I have a complex cyst on the ovary that’s left. Is that cancer or if that’s just extra left over?

The ovaries are not always removed when you have a hysterectomy, especially if you hadn’t gone through menopause at the time of your surgery. Most ovarian cysts are not cancer, but you should see your doctor and discuss what is the next best step for your situation to make sure.

I had a total hysterectomy 8 years ago and I bleed a little after sex. Is this normal?

Bleeding after sex is one of those symptoms that should be evaluated by your OB/GYN or other health care provider to be able to determine the cause and make sure there is nothing more serious, like cancer, going on.

Is it true that men are also getting head and neck cancer from performing oral sex on someone who has HPV?

Oral sex is a risk factor for head and neck cancer; and the number of head and neck cancers in men related to HPV has increased significantly in the last ten years, along with the increased practice of oral sex. Preventing HPV-related head and neck cancer is one of reasons that getting boys vaccinated against HPV is so important.

I’ve had my cervix frozen in that Cairo freeze for cancer cells. I have HPV now and have to go back for yearly Paps. I’m a little worried about getting cancer and it coming back and having the cells again? Is this common? My family also has a great history of cancer and my mother has had cervical cancer and is now battling cancer again should I be worried

The most important thing for you to do is to continue to go for your regular screening tests and exams with your doctor. Most cervical cancer is caught in the precancerous phase and destroyed before ever becoming a real threat if you are getting regular evaluations.

My daughter had an abscess on her pelvic area recently. It grew the size of a baseball. The doctors said it’s not cancerous but it has grown back, should we be concerned? Also, should we have this abscess tested?

You should consult with your daughter’s doctor about what are the next best steps for her situation.

What are the side effects of the HPV vaccine?

The only documented side effects of the HPV vaccine are those rare ones related to the infection itself including infrequent irritation at the injection site. HPV vaccines have been researched and used by so many people, that there is large amount of data about side effects that prove the vaccines’ safety. You can see what side effects are associated and how often they occur for yourself at

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