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Police were called to a Phoenix, Arizona home after receiving a call that a woman allegedly tased her 17-year-old son on Easter morning.

Sharron Dobbins, 40, tased her son on his leg to get him up for church according to court documents reported by Fox 10 News. Dobbins claims otherwise saying she only “sparked” the taser to get his attention.

She told Fox 10 reporter Matt Rodewald,” I did not touch him at all with the taser. I made the sound with the taser.”

The incident was a build up from series of events that led to the mother’s frustration with her two sons. including her 17-year-old son who talked back to her after she asked his friends to leave so that they could go to church.

Walking through the incident with the reporter Dobbins explained, “He said some cuss words to me, and he said that his friends don’t have to go anywhere.” Afterward, she left and returned to his room with a taser claiming she was at least 5 feet away from her son.

When she made the sound of the taser go off in his room, her son said he was calling the cops. Police arrived and at first, she thought everything was going well until police said they had to arrest her.

“He came back and said put everything down, and I said for what. He said for tasing your son. I said I didn’t tase my son, I made the noise,” explained Dobbins.  “He said that it’s domestic violence against a minor. So they handcuffed me. I start crying and got in the back of the police car.”

During a court hearing, the judge released her on bail with conditions to follow. She’s not to contact the officer that arrested her and she cannot have any weapons.

Police took the taser as evidence and found two small bumps on the 17-year-old’s leg. Dobbins is charged with one account of child abuse and is expected to be back in couth later this month.



(Source: Fox 10 News )

(Photo Credit: Fox 10 News)