Inside Her Story: The Fight For Siwatu Salama Ra


Life behind bars is no joke. It’s hard enough having to serve a short or indefinite sentence. However, living behind bars pregnant at the age of 26 for protecting your family without killing anyone, that raises an entirely new argument on the double standard of law against Black people in America.

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with activist and co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement Patrisse Cullors about the case of  Siwatu Salama Ra, a woman who was not protected by the stand your ground law in Michigan.

“When we say stand your ground we don’t mean for Black people and Black women in particular,” explained Cullors. “She deserves to be home right now but instead she’s in prison while she’s pregnant.”

Siwatu is serving a 2 year sentence after protecting her family from a neighbor who’s repeatedly tried to harm them.

“She should have been able to stand her ground she should have been able to protect her family without the possibility of facing a conviction,” said Cullors. “Not all hope is lost she can still appeal we can still technically get her out early but the fact that she has a conviction on her record is not only unfortunate it’s racist.”



2 thoughts on “Inside Her Story: The Fight For Siwatu Salama Ra

  1. I thought this may be of interest. The author is a close friend, the blog is from the Militia group who stood peacefully defending the rights of free speech for both sides at the Charlestown fiasco, and are now defending a civil suit by the city as provocateurs, while at the same time being embraced by the citizens as righteous actors and peacekeepers. I wish success in overcoming this injustice and hope an avenue to challenge the prosecutions extremely weak position in this case happens. I can’t promise anything, but I may be able to point someone in a helpful direction.
    Garry Hoffman, Justice, ret.
    Dir., Gun Owners of America/New York

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