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On his to the top, Mike Epps had some life experiences that have definitely had an effect on his comedy over the years. Starting from growing up on welfare to shooting his first movie and t.v. specials. And now all those memories have been put in a memoir called Unsuccessful Thug. 

With so much humor in, Russ really wanted to know if Epps was popular growing up.

“When you grow up on welfare you do a tour of the city. You move everywhere. You know what I mean,” he laughed. “When you grow up you know in poverty you kind of get to know everybody. You know what I mean? ”

Before he became a comic, Epps was a bit of a cat burglar. He talks about one burglary scheme that ended up going so wrong that he called the cops on himself!

“Yah me and a friend of mine we ran up in and some dog chased us up stairs in some woman’s bedroom and wouldn’t let us out. I told them, ‘man i ain’t fitting to get chewed up by no dog,'” explained Epps. “I rather lay down in jail before I had some holes in my leg. We called the cops and told them where we were.”

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