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TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — A Washington state teenager who was pulled from her bicycle in a mall parking lot four years ago and shocked with a stun gun by an off-duty officer working security has been awarded $500,000 in federal court.

The jury issued the award to Monique Tillman on Thursday after she sued Officer Jared Williams and the city of Tacoma over the May 2014 encounter caught on surveillance video. Her brother Eric Branch was awarded $50,000.

Attorney Rick Friedman told The News Tribune that it was important for Tillman and Branch to “stand up for their civil rights and not take this lying down.”

Security footage captured Williams throwing the then 15-year-old Tillman to the ground by her hair after she and Branch, then 16, were bicycling through the mall parking lot. Williams was in his Tacoma police cruiser and in uniform when he turned on the car’s lights and pulled them over.

Tillman asked why she had been pulled over, and Williams said she had caused a disturbance and was going to issue her a trespass warning from mall property, meaning she could be arrested if she returned. Tillman asked again why she had been pulled over, and then tried to bike away.

As she rode away, Williams pulled her to the ground, slammed her to the pavement and used his Taser on her, the footage showed.

City spokeswoman Maria Lee said in a statement that the verdict was disappointing and that Tacoma’s attorneys are reviewing the case before deciding whether to pursue an appeal.

Tacoma police spokeswoman Loretta Cool said Williams remains employed with the department.



(Photo Credit: YouTube)

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11 thoughts on “Washington Teen Pulled From Bike By Officer Awarded $500k

  1. Where is the article on this nation of islam website about the black man that punched a 5 year old child? And of course the child was white and the libtard media covered up for the subhuman! F-cken cowards attacking little kids. The best they can do!

  2. Alberta on said:

    Some cops may not actually be human, in my opinion. Really. Some of them are demons in the flesh. Well they got paid $$$ for the offense Thank God for that = D

  3. Ted Gravely on said:

    The city spokeswoman reminds me of Sarah Huckabee- see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Read the article in the Seattle Times and watch the video. That monetary award was “light.” That so-called Officer is still working for the city of Tacoma. Despicable. It’s unreal what they tried to charge these kids with in juvi. Now her brother was also charged and get this – for not wearing a helmet. A charge. A charge. Now google wearing a bicycle helmet in the state of Washington. Some of you, sit back and sip your favorite beverage before you do. I’ll wait…….. People the fight is on.

  4. Damn, It took 4 yrs to be awarded this money. Being stopped while riding a bike thru a mall parking lot while being Black. The racism is real in americkkka!!

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