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Tamar initially chooses to shield the news from her family but ultimately spills the tea, confirming the  divorce filing during a family dinner at Mr. Chow’s. While there, Tamar reaches into her handbag and randomly takes out a microphone to mock interview her sisters on what’s been going on in their lives but, when Traci quickly points the mic back in her direction to ask about her “divorce tea,” the conversation grows a little more intense.

When asked whether she actually filed and if she’s sad about it, Tamar responds “Yes. 1,000%” she’s filed, and she’s not at all sad about it because it was “something that had to happen.”

Tamar also takes the opportunity to apologize to her sisters Traci, Toni and Trina; for her past snide remarks about their marital woes and divorce issues.

In the past, Tamar said Traci’s husband and Trina’s ex-husband were cheaters; that Towanda’s ex couldn’t hold down a job and that Toni’s ex-husband only wanted to live off of her – all while proclaiming that her husband, Vincent, was totally different.

Although she attempts to clear up what she said she ultimately places the blame for her hurtful words on being the baby of the family and just simply not knowing what a marriage could be like. But when the sisters press the matter Tamar feels attack and she calls an Uber to remove herself from the situation.

The thirty-minute season premiere includes the revelation that Traci is going to be a grandmother. That’s right! Traci’s 22-year-old son Kevin and his 21-year-old girlfriend Olivia are expecting. The thought of her son becoming a parent at such a young age upsets Traci when she thinks about her struggles as a young parent. She married and started having babies at 25 and she wants different for her son. But, what’s done is done and the baby is coming.

Traci is also reluctant to tell her mother, Ms. Evelyn, because of how she responded when Traci first became a mother. But, to her surprise, Evelyn is elated to find out she’s going to be a great-grandmother.

“Look at God,” she exclaims when Traci breaks the news to her on the phone while out shopping with Trina.

Meanwhile, Towanda “Umba” Braxton is no longer singing as a “doo wop pop pop” girl. She’s finally living out her dream to become an actress and is starting by landing a role in a stage play titled Two Can Play That Game.

One of the tour dates is scheduled in California, where all of the sisters are, and of course Towanda invites the entire crew to come out to support.


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