Hey Family! Michael Jai White & Kym Whitley Are Cousins


Did you know that Michael Jai White and Kym Whitley are cousins? Apparently, the two go way back

We are cousins,” explained White. Whitley chimed in saying,” from the family reunion.

“They came to visit me and then they came to visit their cousin in California Kym Whitley and turns out her parents are my cousin and so is she,” said White. It’s always cool finding out about celebrities who are related.

White is working on a fan funded movie called Out Law Johnny Black which he believes gives him the chance to really connect with his audience.

“So there are certain ways that the studios don’t really get how folks really want to see the movie they don’t even know how to market it sometimes,” explained White. “So in this situation, I’m in a spot where I can do it myself. We are living in an age where we can connect directly with the fan base.”

To find out more about White’s movie and how you can be a part of it, head over to outlawjohnnyblackmovie.com.



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