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For nearly 20 years, a statute of gorilla in a cage has been displayed at Community Park playground in Corsicana, Texas. The statue was reportedly placed inside a cage to avoid children getting hurt if they climbed on it. However, over the past few weeks,  Corsicana Mayor Don Denbow received 45 complaints that the gorilla was racist. The statue was removed.

A long-time resident wrote to the Corsicana Daily, “The gorilla is a black ape confined in a unbreakable cage. I am sympathetic to the idea that it could be thought of as a metaphor for the institution of slavery. I support the removal of the gorilla on the grounds that it could offend members of our community. At no time did I ever think of it as anything other than King Kong.” A protester who was against the statue being removed told CBS DFW: “In a situation like this where it’s a toy for children, it’s only racist if you make it racist.” Take a look at the statue below:

Mayor Denbow said in a  statement, “The City of Corsicana recently made the decision to remove a display in Community Park. The reason for the decision was two-fold: Recognizing that the display was offensive to some of our citizens and a concern regarding the safety of the exhibits.” However, things have quickly changed. Due to the outrage over the outrage, Denbow said the statue will be returned “in some form.”

Are people overreacting? 



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11 thoughts on “Gorilla Statue Removed From Texas Playground For Being Racist

  1. I DO NOT believe the 45 complaints that led to its removal were from blacks. This smells of white people who think they are suddenly woke and are hypersensitive to injustices while being racist themselves. Only problem with the gorilla is that it didn’t look enough like a gorilla but a melting black mass with eyes and mouth..

  2. Jakobe on said:

    Its a good thing we have white people out their looking out for our interest. Now the black gorilla can be free like all the white gorilla statues.

  3. Ted Gravely on said:

    I have coons chasing me on this blog like a hooker chasing that dollar so she won’t get beat by her pimp. Where you at coons? Anyway, America is about stating your opinion. Sometimes it isn’t popular when first introduced. Just like civil rights legislation. Folks tried to tell Martin to slow down, the time isn’t right. Those blacks loved their subservant role in society. In this case after 20 years of looking at a caged gorilla in a park for kids, parents can voice their objections. For those that don’t know – you’re free. Voice your objections and do something about the things you don’t like. Where my slaves at? You value my opinion and scared that free people will learn something. Come on coons, do your usual. Follow me around so you can go tell massa that the freeman has an opinion.

  4. Mac Ben on said:

    So y’all associate being a black person with being a gorilla? Who was offended by this? What happens at a zoo?? Unbelievable.

  5. leadjustone on said:

    The only ones who should be offended are other gorillas. My observation is that the person or persons who looked at a caged gorilla and saw a metaphor for chained human beings are the real racists. Freaking idiots!

  6. Whoever made the decision to nut up and remove that silly looking thing should be fired. I believe negros are bouncing around just looking for ridiculous shit to whine about, just to see if when they say jump, someone will ask how high. And so far, there’s been a whole lot of jumping. Somebody had better start standing up to all this racial bullying before there won’t be any gorillas in the zoos.

  7. Mac Daddy on said:

    MLK would be so proud of our people continuing his civil rights work. NOT. Damm we are a shiggidy people. Damm

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