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Rihanna is everyone’s friend-in-their-head, all-around cool chick, beauty and fashion icon, entrepreneur and oh, yeah, singer! She’s the It Girl Of It Girls and she’s one of the most hard-working and beloved superstars of all time. Today our girl turns 30! Can you believe it? Of course, Rihanna herself took time to note the moment in her usual humorous way.


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LOL Ri, I feel u 😂 #WelcomeToThe30sClub

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Here are 10 of the videos that made Rih Rih the most fab chick in the musical, and really, any, universe.


2x Platinum, #2 U.S.

Yes, Rihanna burst on the scene in 2005 as the cutie from the Caribbean. Did you know then that she’d take it this far?

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