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WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is marking African American History Month by pledging to make real the vision of “every American patriot” who fought and sacrificed for freedom.

Trump celebrated the annual observance at a White House reception Tuesday and said this year’s theme is “African-Americans in times of war.”



The president says black Americans in the military defended the dream that inspired Frederick Douglass, Harriett Tubman, Booker T. Washington, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr., among others. He says it’s the dream of a nation where all succeed and thrive despite color, creed or background.


Trump says “we must do our part to make that vision real for every single American” and is pledging “we will not fail.”

Trump is also highlighting low unemployment among African-Americans.




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7 thoughts on “Trump Focuses On Blacks In Military For Black History Month Celebration

    • Being a habitual liar is not a good trait in government or otherwise. Sad to think everyone in government is as liar. At some point lies can be dangerous if they’re just made to be the norm.

  1. One thing the Democrats and the Congressional Black Circus showed us at the SOTU
    Is that they will only be happy if all blacks are impoverished uneducated government (plantation) dependents and 8 years of the boy sitting in the weeds only gave us illusions of grandeur

    • I never listen to this fool. EVER!!! I either turn the channel or mute the tv. I don’t want him on my tv. He’s the epitome of liar in chief.

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