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Singer Chante Moore knows just like any veteran of the music industry how important music is and the time it takes to craft something that’s really their own. Today the industry thrives on a much different system that Moore believes does not care about the music anymore.

“Oh yah, everything is different. The music industry is different. It stopped being about music. It stopped being about CD’s, the albums and full bodies of work. It’s about singles,” explained Moore. “Everybody is throwing up their stuff so fast. It used to be every two years and now it’s every two months.”


Quincy Jones has been in the news after he spilled the tea on Marlon Brando, Michael Jackson and a few other celebrities. Moore tells a story of her encounter with Jones.

“Well I was doing a performance. We were doing some kind of celebration for him and I was standing on stage and was about to sing. They were giving him an award and he grabbed me by the arm and sat me on his lap,” explained Moore. “I thought it was inappropriate. But because he was older I gave him a pass because maybe he wasn’t fully there.”

She continued, “I’m not afraid to stand up for myself. So if it was something that I felt like I would have really chopped him right in the neck.”

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