Source: Keith Getter / Getty

When it comes to social issues, a farm in Centreville, Va. doest stray away from taboo subjects.

Only a farm unapologetic about their beliefs can post a sign like “Resist White Supremacy.”

This is exactly what Cox Farms on Braddock Road did. Usually, the family-owned business uses their message board to feature witty words and produce advertisements.

But sometimes they like to spread their convictions loud and clear. They posted a photo of their “Resist White Supremacy” sign on Facebook along with a message. “We sincerely believe that fighting injustice and white supremacy is a responsibility that can- and should- unite us all,” it read. “We struggle to see how anyone other than self-identified white supremacists would take this as a personal attack.”

Their post has already received over 12,000 shares and 36,000 likes. You can check out the pic and their full message below!



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