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T.I. and Tiny are reportedly preparing for a vow renewal ceremony now that they have axed plans to call it quits. But Tiny wants her man to commit to a new “post-nup” agreement.

“There are a few things holding up T.I. & Tiny’s romantic vow renewal ceremony. Before Tiny walks down any aisle again or agrees to have more children with T.I., Tiny wants him to agree to a new post-nup agreement. Even though Tiny has been doing quite well for herself lately, she wants to secure her future,” a source told Hollywoodlife.com.

“Tiny wants an updated agreement, in writing, that T.I. will be more than generous with her and all of their present and possible future children. Tiny is still in love with T.I. but she is also a smart businesswoman who knows how to handle T.I.’s rocky behavior. She has been talking things over with her personal attorneys, drafting the perfect contract for their unique situation and Tiny plans on making T.I. sign it before they say any vows again,” the source added.

Tiny initially filed for divorce on December 7, 2016, stating that their “marriage is irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation.”

Soon after, it was reported that T.I. believed his wife “overreacted” by filing for divorce, claiming her “jealous friends” talked her into walking away from their marriage.

“Tiny is no Mother Theresa, but she dealt with T.I.’s crap for way too long. She stayed longer because of the five kids, but T.I. took her for granted and just thought she would always be there and she didn’t want to be stuck in that rut forever.”

“She wanted to be loved and not be seen as an afterthought and she is now doing something about it. It’s a wake-up call for all of them.”

Tiny and T.I. have three children together and four kids from previous relationships.

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One thought on “Report: Tiny Wants T.I. To Sign New Post-Nup

  1. Esnatin Mason on said:

    Tiny can ask TI for a new pre-nup but can’t help a relative that ask her for $900.00. A woman that have never in her life ask the Pope family for nothing. thanks so

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