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It seems like Russell Simmons continues to get hit from all sides amid his sexual assault and rape accusations.

The NY Daily News reports, Oprah has dropped Simmons from her book The Wisdom of Sundays. The book features conversations with various celebrities like Shonda Rhimes, Ariana Huffington and Tony Robbins.

In the book, Simmons’ has a section about what meditation has done for his life. That section will not be included in future editions of the book.

A dozen women have come forward accusing Simmons of sexual assault with two of them accusing him of rape.



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10 thoughts on “Oprah Drops Russell Simmons From Her Book After Rape Accusations

  1. Lynnette on said:

    There are so many women out here that will willingly
    Go out or have sex with a famous person, I’m very
    Confused as to why any of these men have to force
    Their selves on any woman. There’s is so much
    Wrong with these men and why this is happening in
    Such large numbers. Hook these men up to lie
    Detectors and get to the bottom of this mess. This
    S- – – has to stop. One of these men are going
    To get brutally hurt by one of these women😳

  2. Jon Glover on said:

    Seemingly, in cases where allegations are alleged, the old “innocent until proven guilty” has been thrown out the window; sad isn’t it? What’s even sadder is the face that these allegations are springing up all over the place. Are they true; I don’t know but nor do you. Only those who are alleging are contending that such is true with no emphasis based on evidence and if evidence is presented, is it evidence that is founded or unfounded. At the end of the day when it was that such inappropriate behaviors were visited upon the alleger why didn’t they bring such forth then and I don’t buy that “I was afraid” because why “are you afraid” now? Just saying.

    • Much as I emphathize with the alleged victims im still wary of condemning these men with a broad stroke. Let’s seek evidence and give them a chance to defend themselves too. In fact let’s forgive them where contrition and admission of guilt is projected. Remember no one is infallible.

  3. Yet another example of the ugly side of he said she said without proof or even a police record of a filing or of the said incident. Another sad factor is that if people continue to associate with the “accused” in any way, their business and brand are now also targeted. One false allegation can ruin many lives even the lives of people who may only know the accused from a business standpoint. Let me be clear, I am not addressing whether Russell is innocent or guilty or if his accusers are telling the truth or lying. Just talking about accusations in general.

  4. Christianforreal on said:

    I don’t doubt that Russell and many other of these men who have been accused, have had some form of inappropriate behavior. But when you get right down to it , which of us has NEVER done or said something considered inappropriate in front of someone else AND made someone feel uncomfortable. My problem is this; How many of these women are just seeking attention and/or a big windfall? How many of these women actually had a consensual encounter with Russell Simmons or some of the others and regretted it later and is now seeking redemption at these men’s expense? I think it is TOTALLY UNFAIR also!!! And yes African American Woman, it is worse because these men are being condemned out of the gate. No one is considering these men’s positions. Sad!!!!

  5. blacknote on said:

    No criminal charge, trial, or conviction for this man (accept in the court of public opinion). As scathing as they were, I’m starting to rethink Monique’s comments about this woman.

  6. Exactly – there haven’t even been any criminal charges filed against him. One accuser, didn’t file a police report but she sure as heck got her lawsuit in……..

  7. African American Woman on said:

    This is so inherently unfair! So, now its ok to declare someone guilty without due process of the law??? Insane

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