Pastor Mark Burns is the South Carolina pastor who was outed for falsifying his biography. He is frequently on AM Joy and constantly defending Trump (Burns is on the president’s evangelical counsel). His analogies are bizarre, often shouts insults and cannot handle a debate with facts — he is the Paris Dennard of MSNBC.

That said, Paris’ credentials are legitimate while Burns is fraudulent. But what seems to have Twitter deeply confused are Burns’ fraudulent eyeballs. Is Pastor Mark Burns wearing colored contacts in 2018?

Let’s examine… here are two photos of Pastor Mark Burns with brown eyes.

Here is a video:

Then — walaa! Pastor Burns is now wearing colored contacts.

And another:

What you do with your eyeballs is your choice. But considering this is someone who posted a photo of Hillary Clinton in blackface, told Joy-Ann Reid to move to Haiti and defends a racist president, he deserves to get a side-eye about those contacts. The pastor’s fraudulent eyes are indicative of his fraudulent bio. Of course, Twitter let loose:

Maybe Burns believes his brown eyes are too threatening for the Trump base. When you are that deep in delusion, you will do anything to be accepted. Look at him here, nearly exploding next to Ben Carson.

Do you think this is much ado about nothing or does this change of eye color have a deeper meaning? 

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